Thursday, April 15, 2010

Linking just because...

Hey y'all!

Paul Mitchell is begging for traffic to his blog, so he's asking for links.  He doesn't cuss too much in this one.  Hey look, while you're over there, congratulate him, and his boy.  His son is graduating from Great Lakes this weekend.  He's gonna be a Medic, like my #3 son.  Except in the Navy.

Paul won't be able to respond, because he's going to the graduation, I think, and it's way up in Chicago.  But cheer the boy on, okay?

If you don't hit all the links at that post, here is one that is really interesting.  It seems that the Geico voice-over dude had some strange questions for FreedomWorks.  Weird...


  1. No wonder I never like that damn lizard.

  2. The Navy has Corpsmen, not medics!

    And, don't forget that a very high percentage of Corpsmen are assigned to Marine Corps units.

  3. Walt, that slipped my mind, if I ever knew it.

    And, I did know that a bunch of them do serve with Marines...have to carry a gun and everything, I think.

  4. Thanks for directing me to Paul's blog. Good reading. As to the Lance Baxter thing...What kind of name is Lance Baxter anyway? Sounds like the kind of moniker the writers on a really bad daytime soap would hang on a phony playboy/gigolo who seduces older wealthy women for their money but who secretly visits the dominatrix Madame Phewlowsi. Geico better go back to the Cavemen ads ASAP.

  5. And I was one of them as well once upon a time. Go Navy!

  6. Dan, Paul is a big-time blogger, and one of the most decent humans you'll ever come across. Don't let the language fool ya'...heart of gold. Seriously.

    Red, somehow I knew that...can't remember how. Paul is proud of his boy, which he should be!


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