Thursday, April 15, 2010

Today's The Day, and Tonight's The Night!!!

 Things to do today:

1)  Send everything you have left after paying your property taxes, sales taxes, State, and local income taxes, to DC today.  If you don't have enough left to pay your fair share, go take out a loan.  Interest rates are reasonable.  (Make sure it is postmarked TODAY!)  Go do it!

2)  Find a "Tax Day" Tea Party in your area, and attend.

The Shreveport/Bossier Bossier/Shreveport Tea Party is scheduled to kick off at about 5:30 pm at the Shreveport Bossier City Civic Center tonight.  I know I'm gonna be there early (unless providentially hindered), because my water bill is  due, and I need to drop it off in the "drop box" so we don't get cut off.  

But, you might want to get there early, too!  (even if your water bill is not due)

Ya' know, most of the good visiting junk happens before the band cranks up, and the talkers start talking.  Just sayin'...

I thought about shaving my head today, but I'm sure I will run into people that I know, and I do not want people to point at me and laugh, or ask me, " something wrong?  You don't have cancer or nothin' do you?"

Be there, or be square!!! (Heh! I just made that up!)

Heh! Kathy Shaidle posted a "funny" about a call that radio host Neil Boortz got.  It's a short piece.  Finally:  Why black folks don't go to tea parties.

And, courtesy of CL, I'll proudly state that  I! AM! IS! A! TEABAGGER!!!


  1. Have fun at the Tea Party, Andy.

    I find the "teabagger" term offensive as all get-out and I'm NOT one of the "perpetually offended." It's a sexual slur of the highest order and is in the fightin' words category as far as I'm concerned. I get apoplectic when I hear a talking head use the term and just cannot BELIEVE the term has been mainstreamed.

    I did my taxes last week and My Favorite Uncle shall be returning a small portion of what I paid in this year. That always happens when it's my year to take the sole remaining child exemption.

  2. Buck, I hear you. But my opinion is that if they're going to call folks such as myself by the term, then we must let them know that it ain't getting to us.

    We will redefine it, if they want to play that game.


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