Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Teh Stoopid Search of the day... (#14)

Hey y'all!  It's been a while since we've had a "Teh Stoopid Search of the day" segment at Andy's Place.  It's not that stupid searchers don't visit every's just that many dozens of y'all sent me computer letters telling me how retarded teh whole thing is.

Alas, I'm is bored this Humpday afternoon, and decided to do one anyway.  And honestly, I'm trying to discourage a certain "class" of visitor here at Andy's Place.  Don't get me wrong...I love and appreciate every visitor (mostly), but I'm kinda getting tired of crude-typing RAAAAACISTS just dropping in.

Such is another visitor that stopped by on Monday.  Sigh...

Now, when you click on this page from the Sitemeter log from Monday, you will notice the usual "Michael Burghardt" The Gooble Image Search®, and the several times daily "Andy's boobs" The Gooble Search©. (Heck, the only thing missing is a "Hannah Giles," a "midget wrestling," or a "don't trust the chinks" search to make this results page actually "the norm.")  Trust me, I know my stats...

Now, why do folks continue to use that term, "nigger?"  I mean, everybody knows by now that negroes do not appreciate being called "nigger!"  I mean, how hard would it be for this searcher to type, "person of color in a buick?"  Huh?  How hard?  Huh?  Or, maybe just "colored person in a buick!"  Wouldn't that be much less crude?

Sure it would.

But what really has me bumfuzzled on this whole deal is..."How does The Gooble know?"   This is the post that teh stoopid RAAAAAACIST searcher was directed to.

Now, how did The Gooblebot know that the subject of the image was a negro/person of color? 

Of course, The Gooble is wrong!  I mean, Tiger ain't in a Byurick in that photo!!!  And, I'll give 'em some grace even though I am The Wrongness of The Gooble Czar™, because "Buick" is in the title of the post. But how did The Gooblebot pick up on the negro/person of color deal?

Let me remind y'all of one thing to always remember, and never forget...The Gooble KNOWS! Be cautious when using it.  



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