Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Miss Mississippi" just walked through the door!

Now...that's old!

Miss Mississippi "Sweetie" Winn gave new meaning to the term "longevity," as she celebrated her 113th birthday Wednesday.  

Born March 31, 1897, Winn is the oldest living person in Louisiana and the 11th oldest living person in the world. Census records show she is the oldest living black in the country and the only person still alive in the United States whose parents were enslaved.


  1. Happy birthday, Miss Sweetie! Can you imagine how her head must be spinning -- everything she's witnessed?

  2. I get a kick out of the language convention, i.e., "oldest living person." I suppose ya gotta differentiate between the living and the dead. Makes me wonder who keeps track of the oldest dead person, tho.

    Throughout her lifetime, Winn witnessed... the invention of the television, the first bottled Coca-Cola and countless other important milestones in American history.

    Yeah, like space flight, polio vaccine, and computers. All of which pale beside bottled coke. And teevee.

  3. Happy Birthday to her! Amazing.

  4. Moogie, my Great Grandmother lived from 1890 to 1994. At 102 she could whip your fanny in a game of "42," and worked every crossword puzzle 'til she finished it.

    Of course, she was about half coonass.

    Buck, I picked up on some of that myself (refer to my comment to Moogie). My Great Grandmother was fascinated by space travel, microwave ovens, and medical advances. I don't think "bottled Coke" would have been in her top 10.

    Jim, "Amazing," indeed...the televised news reports last night were just astounding. The lady is quite "something" for sure...


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