Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday junk...not much going on at Andy's Place...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I've got a question.  Maybe one of y'all that knows a lot about the physiology, and endurance of canines can explain to me just exactly HOW a dog can bark for four straight hours!  I mean, FOUR! STRAIGHT! HOURS! Without ever taking a break!  I mean, not one break to get a drink of water, or take a leak, or a dump, or anything!

Man, we've got this yapping dog that lives in the yard behind Andy's Place.  Almost every night, the danged thing goes off, and yaps it's fool head off.  Well, last night, the alarm went off at 1 am, and did not cease until 5.  Seriously...not more than a two second break between woofs for four stinkin' hours!

And then, he gets my son's dog Jake next door all stirred up, and the chorus begins.  I am an "extremely" light sleeper, and this is getting old.  Ear plugs do not drown it out, either.  Sigh...   Well, at least Sadie does not join in with all the fun.  Heck, she don't even bark at bad guys, or squirrels, or nothin'.  She is my favorite at this point.

Well, there is a lot of junk going on at Andy's House, but not so much on this podunk blog.  I got almost nothing! 

So, go over and look at Today's Trivia...A lot of interesting things happened on this day.  Check out the birthdays, too.  Diverse group.

Also, I've told y'all about Big Tony.  He's the Pastor of a church now, and sends me something almost every day about how "Obama Sucks!"  Well, he doesn't use those exact terms, but the underlying tone is pretty much like that.  Of course, he is one of those RAAAAAAACIST Christians, so it is to be expected.

Tony sent me this picture taken near his place in Grand Junction, CO.

Like I said, not much going on.  I think there's a basketball game on tonight.  I have not watched ONE SINGLE college, or pro basketball game this season.  But, I might try to stay up and watch the NCAA final.  Pretty interesting story there with Butler v. Duke.  We'll see.

Heh!  If that stupid dog gets started earlier, I might just be able to stay awake.

Well look, y'all have a great day, okay!  Make the best of your Monday!  I love y'all...


  1. I have one of those dogs that lives close to my place. I GUESS, luckily, he barks all DAY long. The bad thing is that his bark sounds like someone troweling in a grout base for ceramic tile, seriously it is WAY annoying. He starts at about 8:05 every morning and it continues for the next nine hours. So, I have no answers for you, Andy, unless they involve Anti-Freeze.

    I have not seen a basketball game in the last five years. And you shall never catch up with my ongoing record, either.

  2. Prestone. I'm not proud of it, but that has crossed my mind.

  3. I think you should get a recorder and large speakers. Record the dog late at night and play it back when they are trying to go to sleep early in the next night. And, hope they call the police. MUD

  4. The little dog may be barking at the cats,or coons that come for the garbage every night, or somethin'.

    Andy, the Tony story was good. I've fostered several girls over the years that didn't/wouldn't/ couldn't have families to help them make the transition to normal life. I have a pregnant one at my mom's house now.
    I'll tell you about one girl who passed through our house about four years ago.
    She and her boyfriend had been drug users,and he kept a loaded gun under the couch cushion. Unfortunately her two year old found it and shot himself in the face and died.
    She wanted to quit using, but she also wanted to grieve..forever and ever..
    I could understand that.
    To make a long story short, everything ended as good as it could have. She's accomplished so much, and even regained custody of her two other children.
    She found the power to make it happen at Calvary.

  5. Aren't there public nuisance laws in Bossier? One would think a couple of calls to the local gendarmerie would fix the dog problem. Prestone IS kinda radical... the cheap stuff would work just as well. ;-)

  6. Heh! MUD, I'm not sure these people EVER sleep...but if they do it is most definitely in daylight hours.

    Nancy, that is such a sad story. I know you're not fishin' for "attagirls," but good on ya' for giving a damn about people.

    We've got what will maybe be our last "outside chile" almost through Community College now. It's time for him to go, soon...long story how he got here (as they all are, huh?)

    Buck, there are public nuisance laws in Bossier. But, I don't know if it covers yapping hounds. I shall check into it.

    And, thanks for reminding me that the "store brand" is just as effective. ;)

  7. I feel your pain on the barking dog. I've experienced a few non stop barkers. You'd think they would pass out from lack of oxygen.

    Word Verification: vomil...eerily close to "vomit".


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