Saturday, April 24, 2010

So...where is Andy sleeping tonight?

Probably next door with my son's Golden Retriever, Jake!

For some reason, The Mrs. didn't find my previous post (or the fact that I posted something on my The Facebook wall thingy about how she finally has her own The Facebook website) nearly as funny as I did!

Ha Ha!

Ha Ha Ha Ha!


Nyuk!  Triple Nyuk!!! 

Well, at least Jake and I get along pretty well.

He has fleas.


  1. Jim...thanks for being my partner in crime on that one. Nyuk!

    BR, I find that that stuff Pam squirts between my shoulders just below the neck works better than a collar.

  2. Upsetting the Mrs. is not a safe past time my friend. Hope one of you residing in the doghouse has had your dose of Advantage™

  3. Well, I spent a few nights on the couch, but never in the dog house. Real Men have their limits. Heh. ;-)


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