Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What The Heck Am I???

Hey y'all!  The Mrs. and I had a fabulous lunch today at Gerald Savoie's in Shreveport, and went for a stroll around the grounds of  the Norton Art Gallery.  (They've got a great movie deal at that link)  Ooooooohhhhh, it is just gorgeous!  I took some pictures that I'll show y'all in a couple of days.  About 3 or 4 days from now, the entire garden will be at "peak."  Norton is world famous for Azaleas.  They're blooming, but need a couple of more days.

Anyway, we came across this little bush, and also some trees with the same shape/color leaves.  

(click to look at it big)

Now, when the Mrs. doesn't know what some plant is,'s odd.  Heck, she helped me win all kinda awards in The Mayor's "What's growing in The Mayor's back yard?" quizzes way back.

Her:  "I don't know what this is.  It kinda looks like pot, though...only red."

Me:  "Hey, maybe it's cajun pot!  Fertilized with cayenne..."

Her:  "One toke is all it takes, huh?"

Me:  "Nyuk!"

Her:  "One joint will stone the whole crowd!"

Me:  "Nyuk!"

Oh man, I love her.

So, what the heck is it?  If you know, please let me know.  I'm thinking it must not be a controlled substance, and I might want to plant a couple of 'em for the novelty.


  1. Kinda looks like a Japanese Ornamental Maple... but I'm talking out of an orifice other than my mouth. Thirty years ago I might have been tempted to roll some of that up and try it out just for drill, yanno? ;-)

  2. I think I saw some of that in the Avatar movie...

  3. I'm going with cajun pot.

    Has that been said already? Where did I read that before?

  4. Heh! I didn't see Avatar, nor ever smoked a joint.

    But, it seems that Buck may be correct. The Mrs. said, "Well, I thought it might be some kind of Japanese Maple (we had one of those trees once), but the leaves were not similar."

    Maybe it's the "ornamental" deal that threw her off. She's pretty danged good with identifying plants. Heck, she showed me a "snowball tree" today, and knew the names of about 3 different kinds of azaleas...and those "Johnny Jump-ups." She knows her plant junk...but obviously not as well as Buck.

    Mitch, if you ever met a coonass that was high on pot, you'd leave Canada in a Minnesota second, and relocate to Acadiana...more funny material than any one man could ever chronicle.

  5. Andy, that is Japanese pot. Do not smoke it or you shall turn yellow and shrink in height.

  6. Paul, thank you for the heads-up. I will not smoke Japanese pot.

    But, do you know what happens when you smoke Chinese pot?

  7. I came back to see if anyone really knew what it was. I knew better than to click the link. Andy put the link there, DON'T CLICK IT. But I did.

  8. It is a type of Japanese Ornamental Maple. I've got two just like that.

  9. Paul & Jim, you are always more than welcome!

    Yeah Patrick...I don't know why Pam didn't know that. Maybe she's losing her touch. ;)

    They are interesting. I might snag a couple for the remaining four square feet that's unoccupied around here.

  10. All kinds of em here.



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