Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guitar Wars!!!

On a challenge from Dapper Dan, I went looking to find someone to challenge the great blind guitarist, Doc Watson's performance of Black Mountain Rag.

And you know, the truth is that I am astounded by the talent, skill, and commitment of hundreds of guitarists.  It's tough.  In my 50 years of maintaining this blog, I have often drooled over guitarists, secretly openly envying their great abilities.  I have picked that mysterious thing up three or four times in my life with the full intent to master it.

But, it always beats me.


Some of my favorite guitarists are Glen Campbell, James Burton, and really too many to name.  The truth is that ANYBODY  that ever picked one up beats me hands down.

I finally settled on this video, which I can not embed.  You will have to click this link to watch it.  The video quality is not stellar, but it'll do.  I saw Roy perform this in 1983 at The Hirsch Coliseum in Shreveport.  My eldest son was just 3 years old.  The next day, he wanted a guitar to play.  He received a little plastic model which he came to love.  Later on, he picked up my old acoustic, and got pretty good at it.  He's an excellent musician.  Fabulous drummer, better than average pianist, plays a mean sax, and ain't half bad on the six-string.

Got it from his Momma...

Speaking of inherited talent...how about a little tune from the Tuttle Kids!


  1. Andy, I've found it's easier to appreciate your guitar playing progress if you simply lower your expectations.

  2. Cosmic, that's good advice. I will lower it from "maybe," to "not a chance in hell."

    That should do it...

  3. Andy, Sorry to be so late to respond (to my own challenge!) but I was busy doing some amateur carpentry work yesterday. I now have a blue thumb but the game must go on.

    The Tuttle kids are fantastic. How do these little kids master that stuff so fast? Probably from working those video game controllers. Anyway they're amazing.

    And your Roy Clark piece is great, absolutely great. I like the part near the end when he puts his game face on and really attacks the guitar.

    I'll see if I can find another Doc piece this morning to match that. I do know I'm going to post a youtube of bluegrass picker Tony Rice, who was one of the greats till he blew his talent (with drugs some say).

  4. Correction on Tony Rice. He's still going strong. My bad.

  5. Dan, most great guitarists make it look easy. They play like they're not even working.

    Roy is not one of those. You KNOW he's throwing everything at it!


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