Thursday, May 20, 2010

Miss USA & Mohammed...

Okay, so there's a big ol' stir out there because Rimshot Fakiah, (or whatever her name is) has won The Miss USA Pageant.  Everybody's all in a twit because she's one of them foreign Muslim terrorist types.

Let's just be honest here.  BIG HAIRY DEAL!!! 

I am of the opinion that these "beauty pageants" (which nobody watch) are rigged up deals from the start.  Everybody knows that the glory days of Miss America, and Miss USA are in the far distant past.  And, I believe that the people that "own" these pageants intentionally rig up who is gonna win (or lose), and why, in order to create "controversy."  Think Carrie Prejean, etc....

Because, let's be honest...without "controversy," nobody would even know that they had done a contest!  The pageants, and the winners are so irrelevant that they've got to keep something stirred up on the odd chance that they'll actually get more than 7 people to watch it next time around.

Alright...I had promised y'all that I was gonna participate in "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day."  And, I also promised y'all that my entry would SUCK!

So, as to kill two birds with one stone (or maybe fulfill two promises with one post) it is.

Now, let me ax y'all respectfully to please refrain from telling me just how badly my entry sucks!  I already know.  I mean, the purpose of blog comments is not to state the obvious. 

Thank you very much!

BTW, if you want to see the video of what other folks have come up with, Theo Spark posted it.

And, don't forget a real "woman's place" in Mohammed's world...

See...told ya'...


  1. I think that looks just like him. As to the women in the trunk of the car, it is open so they have plenty of fresh air, you could drive without having to listen, just saying . . . . (I'm in trouble for saying that, aren't I?)

  2. Hi Andy, so here's my question: how long before some ignorant, camel turd eating, raghead reads your cool blog, see's your awesome picture and then threatens your life? I don't know why they would, it really does look like him. If they do, I have some really cool ideas for booby traps around your house! I'll even come to LA and help you install them! Actually, I'm not really worried, idiots can't take a joke and you can probably take care of yourself with 4 sons, etc....

  3. Heh! Jim, and Paul...funny...nyuk nyuk nyuk.

    And, thank y'all very much for not telling me that you really think it SUCKS!

  4. Apropos of nuthin'... Theo has the coolest header in all of blogdom. Of course anything with a Spitfire on it or in it or even around it is way-cool.

    wv: subbug. There has to be a way to work that into "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day" but I'm not caffeinated enough yet.

  5. Buck, Theo does have a cool header. I steal a lot of good junk from Theo. His "Monday Mopsies," "Wednesday Wenches," and "Red Hot Friday" posts are always enjoyable. But, I can't post 'em. Just sayin'...

  6. Andy, your Moh looks a bit like O because of the ears. But I think that suggestive likeness is a good thing. Some of their methods are certainly similar. I'm linking to this if you don't mind.


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