Monday, June 7, 2010

Helen Thomas jokes...

I've heard a lot of Helen Thomas jokes the last couple of days since she said that the Jews should "get the hell out of Israel" or some such thing.  I'm not going to post the video because you've all seen it.

But, that's nothing new.  I've heard Helen Thomas jokes my whole life.  The truth is, you can't make up any "joke" that is funnier than the "joke" she already is.

There is something about this whole thing that is very disturbing to me.  It's not that Helen said what she did...because it did not surprise me one bit.  She's a lib, and an old senile lib at that.  What disturbs me is the outcry from the right, calling for her head!

Fire Helen Thomas!  Helen should be fired!  How can she report the news accurately if she holds such opinions?  Yadda yadda yadda...

Gimme a stinkin' break!  When has "journalism" not been tainted (especially in the mainstream press) by leftist philosophy?  The fact that Helen gave her personal opinion openly on this issue has nothing to do with her ability to report the news accurately.  She didn't have it before, and her recent statements don't change that.

And besides, this "fire somebody" mantra is what the left does.  It is the left that goes after people's careers, and livelihoods if they dare say something that offends.  We don't do that. We let the chips fall, and the market decide.

Hey, I got an idea.  How about just not buying anything her employer produces.  How about just not reading her/their crap.  Whether to retain, or fire Helen Thomas is a business decision that only Hearst can make.  And you gotta know that the only reason they've kept the old broad around this long is out of personal loyalty, and for the Nyuks anyway.

Leave the misrable old dame alone.  She'll be dead soon enough.


  1. And besides, this "fire somebody" mantra is what the left does.

    It's all part of that "perpetually offended" krep, which the Right ALSO seems to be doin' a lot of, of late. We used to just shake our collective heads and laugh at the Left... but now we have to get our panties all twisted up in a wad. It's unbecoming.

  2. Agreed, Buck. Very unbecoming. Childish really.

  3. That "perpetually offended krep" sure is tiresome.

    At least she put off "retiring" till she was 89.


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