Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm thinking of taking a part time job as a male stripper...

...I just need me a "stage name" to protect my true identity.

I was over visiting in Moogie's World last night, and reading her "Father's Day" post.  No...her Daddy was not a male stripper.  Not even kinda.

And, I came across some information about how to come up with a good "Stripper Stage Name."  (Don't ask me how a Father's Day post can contain such'll just have to read it for yourself).

Now, this may have been common knowledge to many.  But, I have lead a sheltered life...and it was news to me.

I'll just go ahead on and copy what Moogie wrote.   
That just makes me think of the old test of how you find out what your stage "stripper name" is. You know -- take the name of your first pet and combine it with the name of the first street where you lived that you remember. That would make me "Maxie LeFever." It could work!

Okay, so after following these instructions, it seems that my "Stripper Stage Name" would be Elvis Douglas. Yep! The first pet I can remember was our old Basset Hound, Elvis.  And, Douglas Drive is the first place I remember living as a child.  I like it, don't you?

So, I was telling The Mrs. about this test.  She laughed like crazy.  The first pet she can remember was their dog, Sweet Girl, and the street was Lincoln Drive.  She said, "I'd be Sweet Girl Lincoln...Oooooohhhhh....and that gal be broad as a Continental!"  The Mrs. is funny.  Just sayin'...

So, ponder upon it.  What would your "Stripper Stage Name" be?

I'm pretty happy with Elvis Douglas.  I think the old gals will stuff a bunch of green rectangles in my underwear.

Maybe I'll grow some sideburns...


  1. I really don't think that 'Laddie Palmetto' is going to turn too many people on . . .

  2. This could be fun! "Laddie Palmetto." Heh.

    Of course, that makes my husband "Mary Rural Route." I'm thinking Laddie wins this one hands down.

    There's going to be a new cop show on TNT, "Memphis Beat," in which the main character regularly does serious Elvis tributes in a local club. The article about it in today's Times-Picayune doesn't say whether the club has a stripper pole, but that a possible venue for you!

    Elvis and Sweet Girl Lincoln -- perfect!

    Thanks for the fun! Love and kisses, Maxie LeFever.

  3. Smokey Chase. I can live with that. And so can the ladies.

  4. Jim, I'm with Moogie! Laddie Palmetto sounds like you'd get a bunch of work, and dollar bills. That's a good one, my friend! Seriously!

    The Other Andy...I could live with that, too. Smokey Chase sounds like a real chick magnet to me. That's way better than one e-mail I got today. (From a male)

    "Hi Andy, I'd be Goldie Bush."

  5. Barry...I think you've got a winner there! Punchy Delta! Oh man, I'm laughing, and I can't quit.

    Dadman...Aaaaaaaahhhhh...I see you have returned from "vacation." Oh man, I am giggling like a school girl at a slumber party. Good one.

    So, I'm assuming you picked up a few extra Bucks in Florida.

  6. Sparky Dirt Road. I would get no lurve.

  7. Oh, Staci...that is WAY rich! Nyuk! Triple Nyuk!

    That sounds like a great name for a stripper...or a professional wrestler. Oh, my goodness...Sparky Dirt Road...

    Oh, I can't quit laughing.

    Y'all are all fabulous. I means it.

  8. Rex Byrd. They could call me "Big" for short. The sad truth is that the cure for nudity after the age of 40 is full length mirrors. Funny stuff.

  9. "Big Rex Byrd!" Nyuk! Funny stuff for sure, MUD...

  10. But I wanna know where Naked Street is. Or drive, avenue, yadda, yadda. Are there rentals?

  11. Andy, I'm late to the funfest, but are you ready for this...Wimpy Easy.

  12. Buck, Dadman is a clown. And a half. But, I have seen "Naked Branch Rd.," and "Naked Hill Rd." There's also a Bald Knob Highway in Arkansas I've seen...and down around Alexandria, LA between Pitkin & Ball, LA is the "Ball Cutoff Road."

    So, I'm thinkin' that there might be plenty of Nekkid Streets/Roads, etc.

    Dan...Mwa Mwa Mwa Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! While we were finishing up the pea processing, I came and checked the comments. I went back in the kitchen and told The Mrs., & #3 son & his sweetheart that were here visiting.

    Everybody lost it! There's an "Easy Street" in Shreveport, too...

    Oh man, this has been a laugh riot! For me, at least...


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