Saturday, July 31, 2010


It is 3:50 pm as I write this.

THE GOOD NEWS IS that it is only going to top out at 105 tomorrow, and on Monday!  (That is 745  735 degrees in dog heat, if you did not know). (Thanks to Bob for the correction)

THE BAD NEWS IS that yesterday I was driving down Barksdale Blvd. (minding my own business), and hit a big old pothole that The City has not repaired.  No biggie!  I mean, you can't fix everything all at once.  So, I'm driving along with the AC blasting wide open, and enjoying the break in the downpours we've had when I hit this pothole.  All of the sudden, my car AC just quits!  I mean, Q.U.I.T.S.

Y'all longtime visitors to Andy's Place remember that earlier this Summer she quit on me.  But, that was just way too weird...hit a pothole, kill an AC.  I'm thinking I've got some kind of shortage near that relay in the Power Distribution Box.

THE GOOD NEWS IS that at least I know where to start looking.

Just sayin'...

THE OTHER GOOD NEWS is that I finally got all of the yard work finished about an hour ago...took a bath, and do not smell like a boar hog now.  Maybe. I haven't had the courage to ask others, so I'm not sure.

Fortunately, Daddy brought his big old The Cub Cadet rider mower into town yesterday, and whacked down all of the grass at his apartments, Andy's Place, and over next door where #3 son & FDIL stays.  It is about 3 acres total, and the grass was about calf deep due to the deluges we have had, and my laziness to stay on top of it.  He probably saved me & #3 Son about 8 hours of push mowing.

I love my Daddy!

But, WeedEating, running a push mower where the trusty The Cub Cadet could not reach, trimming, and blowing had to be done.  So, I started about 9:30 am.  Got it all done.  Andy's Place, Daddy's Place, and #3 Son's Place look just fabulous.

Until next week.

This was the perfect day for The RoundUp. I love me some chemicals.  I really do.  When it is a bright, sunshiny day, with temperatures expected to be somewhere near to the fourth floor of the basement of hell, it is the bestest day to crack out the sprayer, and just bomb he crud out of everything with The RoundUp.

And, I DID!  I used almost an entire 24 oz. bottle of The RoundUp Concentrate (cut 8 oz. to the gallon) this afternoon on every fence line, crack in the sidewalks, and stray vine from the pit of the fourth floor of the basement of hell.

I'M THE MAN!  Did I mention that I loves me some chemicals? 

I do this about twice a year...once when it actually starts to get hot in about late January, and another time near the end of July.  It takes a while, but it really cuts down on my WeedEating.  That's just a tip to y'all.  Don't bother to thank me.  Seriously, don't bother!!!

THE GOOD NEWS IS that I'm one of those fellows that can tolerate hot, humid, miserable weather.  I ain't saying that I love it so much, but I can tolerate it.  And, y'all long time visitors, and friends know how I feel about the alternative.

So, I'll just check on out by saying that I love y'all!  I really do!  I've got many miles to go before I sleep and junk, but I knew y'all were probably worried about me, due to the oppressive heat, humidity, and all the junk I had to do out in it.

But, I lived.

I really did.

And, I love y'all!  I really do, I love all y'all!

Did I say that already?  I'm starting to feel kinda' lightheaded.  Maybe.


  1. Andy, it's dangerous hot out there, take it seriously. We don't want to see you with a heat stroke.

  2. Heh! Thanks, Jimbo...

    I'm cool! Been in the barn (more or less) since it clocked about 95.

    I knows my limits. But, I certainly appreshunate the good wishes, and kind sentiments.

    It sure is dangerous hot out there. But I can take it. I'm the MAN!


    So, what were we talking about???

  3. Andy, my husband loves the chemicals too. He has 10 acres to mow, that includes his orange grove, so got a Dixie Chopper.
    He can get it all done in about 2 1/5 hours, but when done, his face and ears are in shreds, so he sprays a herbicide around all the trees, we have a lot of pine and oak too.
    He hitches a 30 gallon tank on a little trailer behind the chopper, and with the wand in hand, there he goes.
    The last time he sprayed, I noticed, as he was hauling ass off, that the tank was leaking. I tried to catch him, but he was moving so fast, that when I caught up to one area he was already buzzing off to another.
    He finally realized a problem and stopped.
    Ha, a week later, you could see a 60 mile, brown trail of dead grass in, out, and around every where he had been.
    We have a lot of water too. A pond, 600 ft canal, and the ditch that runs along the front. I don't know what it means, but I haven't seen a polly-wog in about 14 years.
    Yikes, and he was a Hazmat water remediation expert.

  4. HA! Yeah Nancy, I knew you all had a big place to maintain. My Dad has a big place like that, but doesn't go heavy on the chemicals.

    I sure would.

    So, you're frogless. I wonder if they'd be mutant toads if they ever survived the chemical bath!

  5. Yeah, I need to "Roundup" my yard, too. But you're a better man than I. Just an hour of shoving my mower around in 100 degree heat and I'm so done.

    BTW, I hate guys who correct me, but being the anal sort I am, I can't help saying: "105 is just 735 in dog degrees." Either way, you can keep that Lousy-ana humidity. Out here, where the West begins, we were a chill 104 (let's see, carry the two ... 728 in dog degrees) with nary a hint of moisture in the air. These ARE the dog days of summer.

  6. Bob: Nyuk! Oh man, thanks for the correction. I guess I was so hot, my math skilz failed on me.

    Oh man, I'm giggling. Have a great day, and stay inside.

  7. Did I mention that I loves me some chemicals?

    I useta love me some chemicals, too. But I don't do that anymore. ;-)

    What Jim said: stay hydrated and take breaks every oncet'in a while.

  8. So, I'm guessin' that Mrs. Andy and all are really glad your water must've gotten turned back on so you could take a bath!

    I just can't tolerate the heat anymore. I call this the "hibernation season." Better living through refrigerants.


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