Friday, July 30, 2010

Computing and Blogging for Virtual Dummies...

I'm gonna try something I've not tried before.  Maybe we could call this a Blogging hoedown, or Square Dance, or Round Table, or sumpin' else.  But, since I started blogging about 50 years ago, several questions have popped into my mind that I just do not have the answer for.

Most of them are "How do you do that?"  Yeah, that's pretty well the question I always ask when I see something that someone has done on a blog post, or in a blog comment.  I wonder "How'd they do that?"

And, I've got a bunch of those still spinning in my noggin.

I was thinking maybe if you have a question in your mind about computer or internet junk (especially blogging junk, but not limited to blogging junk) that it might be helpful, and valuable to us all for you to pose it.  Heck, I've gotten so much help from folks with far more knowledge than me by just asking...even if I was reluctant to, because my question sounded so ignurnt.  And, I've learned much that might be valuable to others at the same time.

Why don't we start us a little feature here?  It will certainly not appear regularly.  It will appear only as someone steps up to pose a kwerstchun.  But, let me throw the doors wide open for any of you.  If you've got a question about something, I will be more than glad to post it for the others that visit Andy's Place to take a stab at answering.  We have a broad base of skilled folks in computer junk that drop by here daily.  They are ALL good folks (except for Mr. Anonymous that still badgers me for using the term "retard," and "negro"...but I love him anyway.  I really do.  Maybe.)    And, I am almost sure that someone will have the answer to your query. Maybe.

Why don't we lay down some ground rules here first.

Rule #1:  If you have something you need answered, you can e-mail the question to me at:

Rule #2:  When I pose the question, I will not reveal your identity.  It will be only be between you and me that you are so ignurnt that you had to ask that silly little question that everybody already knows the answer to.

Rule #3:  Make the question as specific as possible.  If I am confused about the question, I will inquire back at you to make sure it is posed so that someone that knows will clearly understand it.

Rule #4:  The question can be about anything virtual  (maybe that should read "virtually anything," but that would be wrong, because we're not doing junk like gardening, or cooking tips or nothing...just virtual junk).  Web junk, computer junk, blogging junk (Wordpress, Typepad, The Globber), hardware, software, social networking (The Facebook, The Myspace, The Tweeter, etc.)  cellular phones, web hosting, e-mail, operating systems...really anything virtual.  I will throw it out there, and see if somebody has the answer...or at least some personal experience/advice that will help you in some way.

Rule #5:  If you've got the answer, please make it as complete, and easy to understand as possible.  After all, this is for us "Dummies."

I honestly believe that there are a bunch of us that are curious about things, but just afraid to open up our mouth and ask, due to the fear of seeming ignurnt. I got past that a way long time ago.  I've made about a brazillion mistakes by doing something I shouldn't have.  If I'd only asked somebody first, I could have saved myself tons of aggravation.

So, let's get this bad boy started!  I've got a question.  Actually I've got several questions, but don't want to shoot my wad on the first roll.  This will probably be one of those features where I ask most of the questions, but I ain't afraid to, seeing as everyone will learn something.  Even if they were afraid to ask.

Just sayin'...

Your questions need not be as problem specific, nor detailed as this one...but this has been bugging the crud out of me, so I'm gonna ask it on the odd chance that somebody knows.

Question (and this is gonna be a toughie):  While web browsing, very often (actually several times a day) my computer locks up.  It could be while I'm on a page, trying to access a page, or switch between a page to G-mail.  Then, I will get this message that says something like,  "Warning, Unresponsive Script.  Yada yada yada....would you like to stop the script, or continue?"

In every case, the script deal that they list as the culprit begins with "chrome."  Then it goes on to attach a bunch of other stuff behind the "chrome" thing.  Sometimes "Greasemonkey," or something else, with a bunch of numbers and letters.  I do have Greasemonkey installed on this machine, but it is disabled because I do not use it any longer.

I am assuming that this has something to do with Google Chrome, which I do not use.  In fact, I did not even know that I had Google Chrome on my machine.  In fact, I may not.  

I am running Windows XP, and use Firefox as my browser (not the latest version, because I downloaded it, and did not like it, so I went back to what I was familiar with.  I think it is 3.5.11?  Maybe?  Or, maybe not...I'm not sure how to find out which version exactly, but that's what it says in my program list.   My original thought was to just go to the "add or remove programs" feature on XP and uninstall Google Chrome.  But, I do not see it on the populated list.  I don't actually think I've got Google Chrome installed here, unless it is hidden in some other program.

My program list does show "Google Desktop," and "Google Earth," and "Google Toolbar."  I could use some education if y'all know if "Chrome" is hidden up in one of those things, and throwing an "unresponsive script" at me several times daily.

This is very confusing, and quite aggravating.  If anyone can provide any info I would truly appreciate it.


  1. Anonymous Blogger in Benton, LaJuly 30, 2010 at 10:05 PM

    Sounds like you might need to delete some programs and clean up your drive a little. I never did the chrome thing. I use IE and have no problems with it.

  2. I haven't a clue, Andy. I used to get the same sort of messages in the way-back but they quit when I had to have my box re-cloned earlier this year.

  3. Chrome belongs on a trailer hitch so you see it and don't bark your shins. You need a 13 year old boy to come over and clean up your software. Normally that happens when something on my computer dies. (Or I load the latest version of something new and I have to have my son come over and reload it) I thought this was going to be something easy like bites, K-bites, Mega Bites Giga Bites or bite me! MUD

  4. Andy, Google updater for the Toolbar has a Chrome extension, Firefox has an add-on that includes Chrome, and there is a search add-on to Google Search that includes Chrome, BUT! The tag "Chrome" existed long before the actual browser was introduced. My guess is that there is a call-up for Outlook Express in IE that is causing the hang, even though you have the default browser set to Firefox.

    My suggestion: Go to Firefox/tools/options and on the Applications tab, change the "mail to" to G-Mail, because the default is Outlook or Outlook Express. Try that.

  5. MUD, sounds like you and I are in the same boat.

    Paul, thanks! I did as you said. My mailto was set to AOL mail. I don't even have AOL installed on this machine anymore.

    Thanks! I will give a performance report.

  6. I am not certain that is the problem, but IE certainly will try to take over your computer if you have any loopholes in your Firefox.

  7. Can I uninstall IE? Should I?

  8. Never try to do that, Bill Gates will come to your house and beat you about the head with a tubesock full of pennies. I know from experience.

  9. Nyuk! No, seriously? Can you? Should you?

  10. There is too much that can go wrong with Office if you do. Plus XP needs it too. Let it go or the tubesock is coming for a visit.

  11. Okay, cool TD. Yeah, I didn't think about Office, and really didn't know whether XP needed it or not.

    Thanks for the tip on changing the mailto. That needed to be did anyhow. Reckon that's why mailto links don't work for me? I mean, having it try to access aol when I don't have aol installed might be a problem, huh?

    Like I said, thanks for everything. I'll let you know. I should know pretty soon, because this happens many times daily.

  12. Andy - word on the nets is that you want to uninstall IE. Has anyone warned you about Gates and the tubesock full of pennies yet?

  13. ^^Funniest comment I have seen all day.^^

  14. Mayor: What Paul said!

    Seriously LMAO!

    This ain't funny, though! But, since I uninstalled IE things seem to be running more smoo

  15. Gates got 'em. I hope Andy had the blog will figured out and distributed.

  16. I think we're fixed. Two Days, no problem. Posted a Thankee!

    Thankee, Thankee, Thankee!


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