Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just to relieve the suspense...

This morning I posed a quick quiz trivia question.  Because so many hundreds of you two of you participated, I figured I'd better relieve all the suspense I have kept y'all in all day.

Question #1:  "stewardesses"  Which is the feminine plural of steward (or some such thing as that...not really sure).

Bonus question:  "lollipop."  Really, "lollipop."  I figured it would have been something longer.

And, just a note to one of our beloved participants..."secretary" has a "y" at the end.  I will let you off the hook because I know for a fact that you only type with your left hand.  But, most folks use the right hand to strike the "y" key.

Just sayin'...


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  2. What Lowe Coleman said.

    And why would someone ever use their right hand to type, too? Isn't their left big enough?

  3. I figger you type with your right hand unless you are one of them southpaws.

  4. Anon, Paul does type with one hand. My youngest son can, too. They are both brilliant.

  5. Well which finger on the left hand do they use? I type with my middle finger cause it sticks out the futherist. And it just seems so nacherl to fold up the others and stick out that middle finger.

  6. Nyuk! Got me tickled here, Anon. Seriously.

    I think they use all 6 of ' the thumb.


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