Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So...does a Dude, or a Chick write your blog???

Editorial note:  This is just blog junk that most folks that do not maintain a blog will find boring...and maybe even those that do will find boring, too.

I'm pretty sure this thing SUCKS!  But, I'm gonna go ahead and link to it, just to see what y'all think.

I happened to note on The Facebook (using my assumed identity, of course...oh, I haven't told y'all about that yet...shucks!  I gotta get around to telling y'all about my The Facebook experiment thingy I've been doing) that FoxNews reported that more homos and lesbos are "social networkers" than straight folks.

Now, I'm not even sure if that isn't a bunch of malarkey, because it's a Harris poll.  But, it is on the worldwide computer, so it must be true...

Well, it seems that some wiseacre who is one of my virtual friends (and a non-virtual friend too, btw) decided to rag on poor Andy for a while by presenting some off-the-wall, obviously retarded website where you can find out whether your blog is written by a dude, or a chick.  It seems that these two yokels have put a whole bunch of junk in a database, and qualified, quantified, etcetraized blogs by whether dudes or chicks write them.

This right here is where Andy's Place ranks... (click on it to see just exactly how WRONG this thing is)

Here is where you can access this obviously wrong Gender Analyzer that I certainly do not trust.  Period.  Just enter the Universal Resource Locator of your blog, and you can also join in the fun of knowing just how WRONG these guys with funny sounding Scandanavian names are!

If you'd like to report results, please feel free.

That is all.


  1. I got 58% dude "but quite gender-neutral"

    And I have a Facebook that I never check. Does this mean I'm in some kind of denial?

  2. http://genderanalyzer.com/?url=http://liberalsmash.blogspot.com


  3. Inno, you're ahead of the game on me. But, you are probably in denial...at least about something.

    CL: Bwahahahahahahaha! For sure.

    You didn't do too bad, Bubba...


    But, the dude that ragged me with this had something like an 86% male. I think it's rigged.

  4. You need to add 'Andy's Place is written by a woman (56%), however it's quite gender neutral" to your 'What Visitors to Andy's Place Say' section.

  5. Yeah, I'll do that right away CL.


  6. They call me MISTER Moogie! (or at least 74% of 'em do.) My husband will be SOOOO surprised!


  7. As you know, mine was like 94% manly. No surprise there. I cuss and spit a lot on my blog and sometimes pick fights with the big boys.
    Anyway, Missy, thanks for putting this up (snicker).

  8. Jim: Yeah, yeah, yeah...you're welcome.

    You just wait for the roundup of this. We've already got a 100% girl that came up with a 74% "manly" ranking.

    Plus, I have gotten about 10 e-mails with results, and am running all the 72 bloggers that I read as we speak.

    I'm sure you will be extremely proud of your 90-something % "manly" ranking when it is all said and done.


  9. Well, I am a 'sensitive' person, that's what the missing 6% is about.

  10. Yeah, yeah, yeah...

    That must be it, Jim. Sigh...

  11. Hmmm...I got a 55% chick rating. I'm pretty darn sure I am 100% chick. :)

  12. Andy, you're one of my favorite chick bloggers, you know.

  13. Dang. It hurts to know Moogie is 4% more manly than me, what with me only getting a 70% male rating. Dang.


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