Monday, August 2, 2010


This is just blog junk.

It seems that someone is makin' the rounds of linkage love today.

I have seen this twice today:


We are running a non-profit site; only for the sake of information sharing.

We visit your site regularly. Recently we came across the "Blogroll" section in your site. Since our site is also based on regular news updates, we believe it would surely help us to be more effective if we get your site’s link. We have placed your link in our site and we request you to place us in the "Blogroll" section.

Title:       American White House
Email ID:

We would be pleased with your positive response. Looking forward for your reply...

Thank You!!

Jerry Thomas 

Two of the blogs that I read have received this same message. And, if you chase the link to this White House Dash Org Dot Blogspot Dot Com place, you will see two of my regular reads in the blogroll. Already.  I am pretty sure that they were added without permission, due to knowing the two Bloggers in question here.

Now, I understand that for some infernal reason it is somehow important to be blog-rolled. But, to quote Miss Shirley Q. Liquor, "I don' caaaaah!"

It could just be some guy that is trying to build traffic to his blog. Or, it could be a sinister plot by ObozO to fish out info that he can obviously not gain from his high paid advisers. Just sayin'...

Anyway...if you get something from Mr. White House Dash Org Dot Blogspot Dot Com, any info would be appreciated.

And, just to top this all off, the dude writing it sounds kinda' Chink to me.

Just sayin'...


  1. Holy cow! Watch out for black helicopters, Andy!

    I love me some Shirley Q!

    Seriously -- this is a little disturbing.

  2. How you durrin? I bet that one won't stay up long . .

  3. Check the one blog that the author follows on his/her/others profile.

  4. Or, it could be a sinister plot by ObozO to fish out info that he can obviously not gain from his high paid advisers.

    Heh. I thiink you're givin' those asshats (i.e., The One and his coterie) waaaaaay too much credit. Just sayin'.

  5. I'm pretty sure we've double this guy/gal/thing's traffic. And Paul is right about he/she/it only following one blog - and it is weird.

    Maybe I'm an oddball (maybe?) but I confess to not paying much attention to what's in other people's blogrolls. Heck, except for my one new widescreen, Andy's blogroll is off the right side of the page, and dang if I'm gonna use that little slider doodad at the bottom of the window!

  6. So, HOW Y'ALL DURIN'?

    Thanks to all for the input. That sure is a weird deal that White House is following. Makes you kinda' want to lobby for restrictions on the internext!

    As Inno said, I do not look at blogrolls on the blogs that I look at. But, it is odd that this White House gal has solicited links from several of my regular blog friends in the last 24 hours.

    As Buck well understood, I had ZERO idear that it was ObozO and his crowd. I am pretty sure that anyone that works for HIM must have a note pinned on their jacket with their destination every morning for the cab driver to deposit them in the right spot. So, hard junk like going from blog to blog pasting the same message in the comments, and revising the blogroll is obviously far too difficult for ANYONE working for that clown.

    As Jim said, well, what did Jim say? Oh yeah...he is also a Shirley Q. fan.

    Jimbo, and Moogie: The Mrs. has about 5 Chuck Nipp/Shirley Q. Liquor CDs. Often she will put one in the player while we are working. I'll swear, I know every one of his/her routines by heart.

    Moogie: It is odd. I mean, the black helicopter has happened to me once. And, I ain't kidding here. It was 16 years ago when I lived in SW Colorado. I was at a Bible Study at the home of a very good friend, and IT HAPPENED! Really, it did.

    I know I screw around so much that y'all don't believe much of what I'm saying...but it's a looooong story about where I was, and who I was visiting.

    The short of it is that it didn't scare me one bit. I am a married man. Okay, I'm lying. I almost tinkled my pants. I may have, but nobody noticed because everyone else was just as spitless as me. least y'all have got the heads-up on this deal. Have fun when he/she/whatever drops in around your joint.

  7. They reached out to me but I didn't blogroll 'em. Don't know if they rolled me and "I don't caaaah!"

    I looked at the site and was oh so sorry I did.

  8. Yeah Pat, you're on theirs.

    Lucky you! ;)

  9. They didn't even get the name of my blog right so it's a double no for me.


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