Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Loving on folks through the nightmare...

I have had that dream. It is a nightmare, really.  I am sure that every parent (and probably spouse) of a member of our armed forces has had the same nightmare.  I've had it more than a few times.

The doorbell rings.  I wasn't expecting anyone.  I walk to the front door, open it, and see two uniformed solemn-faced men standing on my front porch.  My knees buckle, as all the strength flows from my body.  And when I hit the hardwood floor I awake in a sweat.

Life happens, and death happens.  It goes with the territory, I guess.  But what this angelic lady does to love on folks that have actually lived that nightmare is truly moving.  I do not normally watch almost 6 minute long videos.  But, this one grabbed me.  There just has to be a grand reward for folks like Kaziah Hancock.  And, the subjects of her art, too.  Stolen off Stormbringer.

Kleenex alert, gals.  Maybe for you guys, too.


  1. I'd not seen this specific video before but I have read about Ms. Hancock. God bless the woman.

  2. I'm saving this to watch later. I'm in too good a mood for kleenex alerts, but I'll bless the lady in advance for what I think she's doing.

  3. It's one of millions of reasons that your country is exceptional Andy... thanks for this posting and I pray to God you'll never get that knock on the door.

    that's the good stuff.

    marc in calgary

  4. People like Kaziah are what give me hope for humanity. Thank you or sharing/stealing this.

    Moogie, he's not kidding about he kleenex.

  5. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
    And I don't need tissues, the sleeve of my shirt works just fine thank you very much...

  6. Yep. Kaziah Hancock's own story is pretty fascinating too.


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