Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rough day at the office...

No, not for me.  One of my co-workers that I just met on Monday had a rough day.

In fact, this lady is one of the "characters" at my new place of work that I had planned to tell y'all about when I get some time to write it all down this coming weekend.  She is the "Caricature."  Or, at least she was.  I'm not so sure now.

Yesterday she was her bubbly, ebullient self.  And, her exuberance was ratcheted up big time yesterday due to the fact that her Sister had given birth to a baby girl.  In our down time she had made it well known how proud and excited she was to be an Aunt again.  She told me the little girl's name...and it was a beautiful name for sure.

When I arrived at work this morning, I could see that "Caricature" had obviously had a rough night.  As the pages turned, I discovered that something had gone terribly wrong with the little Niece.  "Caricature" was literally green around the gills, and obviously gasping for strength as she told me that the little one had died last night, less than 12 hours after birth.

"I got to hold her for a while.  She smiled at me.   We had been told that she was not going to make it.  I'll always remember that little smile."

At that point, "Caricature" did her best to hold back tears, and sadly plodded to the Ladies' room.  As the day wore on, she made more and more trips to that gal place.  Each time she returned, her hair was more mussed, and her face more pale.  I know deep down that this gal is not the type to beg off one second from anything, and she was soldiering on.

About 3:00 pm she left the office, and she came back assisted by a Supervisor that had found her upchucking twice earlier.  She had opted to not ask off early the first two times.  At the third hurl, the Supervisor made her gather her stuff...and called her husband to come pick her up, as she was not fit to drive.

Long night, and a rough day...for all involved, I'm sure.

It has been a long time since I've been up close and personal on a daily basis with people that I really don't know well.

I guess it's the "WELCOME TO REAL LIFE" deal going on here.

I had forgotten about this kind of stuff.  

Getting a crash course this week.

I prayed for her.  I really did.  It wasn't one of those "well, junk happens" kind of things that you just let go.  I asked God to comfort the family, and help my co-worker deal with it all.

This going to work deal is going to be more interesting than I figured...


  1. Hope somebody was able to give her a good long hug, for starters. Yes, sh** happens, but it's difficult seeing another person in obvious unbearable emotional pain, and not knowing what to do, or what would be the proper and meaningful thing to do. I'll say a prayer for her as well.

  2. Dave, actually somebody was able to give her a hug. It wasn't a good, long one. But, I hope it was reassuring enough.

  3. My heart goes out to her and her family.

  4. Wow. That makes me want to cry and I'm not there.

  5. Being "up close and personal on a daily basis with people that I really don't know well" is one of the reasons I will probably never retire. As messy as it is, it's nice being part of the human race.

  6. My heart goes out to your co-worker, as well. Losing a baby is one of life's most traumatic blows... there's not much one can say or do, except to be there for the grieving.

  7. Oh, Andy. I'll pray for their pain to be brief and memories happy.

    I think you would be a good one to have around "up close and personal on a daily basis with people that [you] really don't know well."

  8. That is so sad.

    I will send prayers up. I'm glad you were there for her.


  9. Oooh, not good. I had a week in 2006 with infant #2 son in the hospital, trying to get him stabilized for surgery. Well, they were trying to get him stabilized. I was just sitting there wishing there were a damn thing I could do. Even thinking about losing him was painful.

    Don't even want to imagine it happening. Will add my prayers to the list.

    Thanks for your visit. Glad you found something you needed.


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