Friday, August 27, 2010

Teh Stoopid Search of the day... (#16) I live to serve...

It has been a good long while since we have posted a "Teh Stoopid Search of the day."  So, it's about time that we did again.   

(The clamor from our regular visitors has been overwhelming for a revival of this feature.  Heck, I've probably gotten at least two computer letters in the last month thanking me for dropping it asking me why I haven't showed y'all a stupid search in a coon's age.) 

I normally try to tie in "Teh Stoopid Search of the day," with a "The Gooble is Wrong© " deal.  But, it is not possible on this one here, because today the guilty party is The Bing®.  

I took special note of this search, because I am pretty sure that only four or five humans with access to the worldwide computer actually use The Bing®.  So, it ought to be pretty easy to narrow down this pothead.

As you click on this screen shot to the left, you will note that we are only #4 on the list.  But, obviously Dude/Dudette was still lucid enough to make his/her way all the way down to #4, click on the link, and land here at Andy's Place. 

Good on him/her!

I ran his/her IP address, and it seems that he/she is a subscriber to Suddenlink Cable internet services.  

Excellent choice!  -  Fast, reliable, and fairly cheap compared to other services.

And, I have located the exact physical address of this dude/dudette.

Now, I will not go in to my normal "Andy thinks laws against pot are ridiculous" rant.  And, I ain't about to turn the dude/dudette over to the cybercops for The Bing® searching for some smoke.  

Even though I have NEVER smoked a joint in my nearly 51 years, I hold nothing against those that have/do.  (Like I said, I am not going to go in to my normal rant about it).

But c'mon, Dude/Dudette!  Learn something here!!!  Don't go to the worldwide computer searching for info on illegal junk.  That's just STOOPID!  You might not run across as understand a soul next time, and they might turn your address over to the authorities.  

Look, if you're gonna go fishing for old fashion products, just use an old fashioned method.  Okay?  Just ask around on the corner...somebody with no internet service knows where to obtain what you're looking for.  Trust me...they do.

Don't go all high-tech and get yourself throwed in the GrayBar Hotel.

Just sayin'...


  1. That's funny. I can't believe someone would go to Google to look for a dealer.

  2. There's a bid'niz opportunity lurking in here... somewhere.

  3. Or a great opportunity for a police sting operation.


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