Monday, August 2, 2010

Thank you, Mr. Mitchell!

A couple of days ago, we posted our very first edition of "Computing and Blogging For Virtual Dummies," wherein I posed a question about my computer continually locking up while web browsing.  I am running Windows XP, and using Firefox as my web browser.

Just a quick reminder...each time it did, I would get a "Warning!  Unresponsive Script" message, followed by a message that included "Chrome" in the suspect script that was causing the problem.  I had the bright idea of uninstalling Chrome, but could not locate it in my Add/Remove Programs list.

I asked for some expertise.  I appreciate all of you that chimed in, but I believe that Mr. Paul Mitchell had the solution. 

"Andy, Google updater for the Toolbar has a Chrome extension, Firefox has an add-on that includes Chrome, and there is a search add-on to Google Search that includes Chrome, BUT! The tag "Chrome" existed long before the actual browser was introduced. My guess is that there is a call-up for Outlook Express in IE that is causing the hang, even though you have the default browser set to Firefox.

My suggestion: Go to Firefox/tools/options and on the Applications tab, change the "mail to" to G-Mail, because the default is Outlook or Outlook Express. Try that."

 Well, I did try that, and I have smoothly operated for almost two whole days now.  Thanks Paul!

Y'all remember now, if you're having a problem, or just anything you're interested in, or don't quite understand about computers, web stuff, blog stuff, or really anything techie...phones, pods, pads, web hosting...pretty well anything virtual, drop me an e-mail at  I'll post it up here, and maybe someone can point you in the right direction.

Thanks again, Paul!  You da man!


  1. Okay, this thanks post is WAY over the top. If that is the problem, then I simply got lucky because I remembered something kinda similar.

    I got more hacks for Microsoft Office, too. It is the bane of my existence.

  2. Paul, it was important that I post the solution to the problem, so that if others run in to it, or know someone that does, they will know where to start looking.

    And, it is also important to acknowledge the smarty-pants human knowledge base that pointed me in the right direction.

    It's a rule.

  3. Far be it for me to break the danged rules...


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