Friday, August 6, 2010

What would users of the worldwide computer do without "Andy's Place?"

I guess every Globber ponders what in the heck they're really doing by maintaining a blog.  I mean, we all want to feel like we're somehow making a difference.  Providing opinion, news, commentary, entertainment, wisdom, historical and personal insights is the goal of most every globber.

And, I'm sure we all ponder whether we're making any positive impact.

We have well chronicled at Andy's Place how over the years, we've become the go-to place for web searchers looking for "midget wrestling," "don't trust Chinese," and most recently, "Rick Sanchez is an obnoxious jackass."  And, I'm truly proud to offer all this fabulous info.

But, we've moved into a new realm of usefulness to the worldwide computer using community.  Below you will see a screenshot of a typical page of our blog stats.  This page is extremely typical of page after page of visitor results.

As you click on it, you will note the search terms that drive the bulk of our traffic as of late here at Andy's Place underlined in red.

Now, what's not to be proud of, huh?

I live to serve, and it's things like this that keep me going.

Just sayin'...


  1. Andy, that's pretty kinky!
    I went to my Site Meter to do the same and realize that I cannot sign in - I can't remember my password and no longer have the email address I used with them. Dangit.
    I have it up on the page of course. I just dropped it at the bottom, and also use Stat Counter, which I have set to private so only I can see the numbers and stuff. I like some of the details that it offers too.
    I decided a long time ago to make Site Meter so anyone can see the numbers. If I decided to change my mind, I think I'm scrood!

  2. There was one in particular that was funny as all get out.

  3. The Elena Kagan thingies are kinda scary.

    I guess I need to learn about Sitemeter now that I can do italics.

  4. Moogie, Jim'll teach you all about Sitemeter. He's obviously got it figured out.

    Paul, you'd be surprised...I get about a dozen visits a day on that search.

    They either hit this:

    Or this:

    Lots of interest in that old story.

  5. I'm gonna come right out and say it, ban me for profanity if you must:

    That is fucking HILARIOUS!

  6. The fact that there's some sicko out there searching for nekkid pictures of our newest associate justice on SCOTUS is what scares the dickens out of me...

  7. Sorry Boogie, Kevin James is funny to me. And I really enjoyed Princess Bride, too.

  8. Disclaimer: The Andy that used the "f" word is not me. That is another Andy who is not banned, btw.

    Boogie, I purposely baited those Elena Kagan nude searchers, because Paul Mitchell was having such success with his "Larisa Requelme (or however you spell it) Nude" posts.

    I gave it a shot...

  9. I am certainly uncertain how Larissa Riquelme NUDE and Elena Kagan NUDE equate. But, I never want to live in the realm where they do.

  10. Oh, I know you baited, just scares me that there is something to be caught with said bait.

  11. Oh, I gotcha' now, Boogie. And, completely agree.

  12. Do you figure 3M makes that kind of waterproofing?

    No, wait, it must be 3N.

  13. Hey, now I get it - have another 'Andy' do your cussing for you. That way I can say that it was the other 'Jim' who wrote bu**s**t in my comments the other day!

  14. Jim, precisely!, that really is another Andy. He and I got confused for one another a couple of times at a blog we commonly read, and comment on.

    But, it ain't a bad idear. I've heard that some people even use two identities while blogging, and on The Facebook. Go figure...


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?