Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I haven't written much about College Football this season...


And, there are a couple of reasons for it.

a)  The season is over.  Nobody will be able to keep up with 'Bama.  The Crimson Tide is your 2011 BCS National Champion.

b)  Mark Ingram is your Heisman Trophy winner, if he gets enough carries.  The Arkies are in great hopes for Mallett, but it ain't gonna happen...unless maybe Ingram gets killed in a car accident or something (which I am certainly not hoping for), or doesn't  get enough carries.

3)  I've been too busy to mess with it.

d)  The season is over.   Nobody will be able to keep up with 'Bama.  The Crimson Tide is your 2011 BCS National Champion.

5)  I think I said that already. 

I have watched enough to know that I am right.  Go ahead and bookmark this post so that you can look at it next Spring and realize just how right I am, and just how futile it is to hope for any other outcome.

Regardless, we will all enjoy watching the games, rooting for our teams (no matter how bad they suck), and the glorious escape from real life that College Football is.


  1. Now, hold on there, Andy! The Son and Elder Daughter will both be in attendance, so let's just wait until after this weekend when the Hogs trample the wet heffalumps all over the Ozarks. Then you can reconsider at leisure.

    I'm so bloomin' sick of Nick Saban I could just do . . . something very unladylike.

  2. Moogie, I know you love you some Hogs. And, I'm sure your kids are looking forward to the game.

    But, with an objective eye (not a Hog, or Tide fan), I predict 'Bama 32 - Hogs 12). And, both the 32 and 12 are generous on the upside and downside.

    I predicted that JoePa would score 3 against St. Nick, and I was right. These guys are just good. They are like machines. Certainly, The Hogs will be their first real test against a team that plays in The Championship Conference. And honestly, I think the Hogs are near the top...will probably finish second in the West.

    But, St. Nick is a powerhouse builder. He really is. Facts are stubborn things. I swear, as an LSU fan, it was one of the saddest day of my fanhood when he moved on to stinkin' pro ball. I like the guy. I find him to be a fine man. And, I have an idea that if he corches for 30 more years, he will win 20+ more national championships.

    He was built for it.

    So, go ahead and copy this to your clipboard, paste it into a word processing document, and get ready to g-mail it back to me as a hefty helping of crow. But, I'll be shocked to the toenails if it turns out much different.

    Those guys are just GOOD. Really GOOD. And, there ain't no shame in getting stomped by Bigfoot.

  3. Saban looks like someone who should be shooting ads for Dockers Flat-Front Khakis. That's what I think.

  4. Inno...I'm pretty sure they have approached him for an endorsement.

    Y'all can say what you want about the SaBear...the guy knows his game, and knows what's what, and what's not. I watched him up close and personal as a Tiger fan.

    Every fan of every other team in The Only Sport That Really Matters should plan on many years of defeat at the hands of his charges.


  5. That photo of the SaBear in the hat is just eerie. Dude is turning into Burr Bryant.

    On 3D and 5, no,you had NOT said this one. Prior, you actually said that "The Crimson Tide is youR 2011 BCS National Champion."

  6. Moogie, bless your heart. Here's a big sooooooeeeeee for you.
    That being said, Andy is right. I'm afraid it won't be pretty this weekend. I would love to see Arkansas win, but I'm afraid it won't happen.
    Andy, pretty much ditto on everything. It was a sad day when Saban left LSU. He paid attention to the little details, like having an offense.

  7. Paul, it is spooky, ain't it? I'm figuring that in under a decade people will be saying "Bear Who?" And, what you said about the "details," and our offense is correk. Nick just knows how to get 'em. Don't ax me how he does it, but he does.

    Jimbo, I appreciate you clearing that up for me. I knew I had left something out. Man...I sure am glad we only have West Ginny to worry about this week.

    I'm thinkin' Flarda is gonna be a walk in the park compared to Nov. 6 (trust me, I AIN'T LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT SATIDY). But, luckily we have some soft games against ULL, McNeese, The Klan, and Arkansas to soften the blow.

  8. Noooooooooo! I am leaning toward the Buckeye.

  9. Andy, do you think 'Bama has a shot this year?

  10. Staci, if tOhio Steak wins the championship, I will never watch college ball again, and I will throw myself off the roof of the Horseshoe Casino Hotel.

    BR, I'm not really sure. They seem weak in a few of their cheerleaders had a fake eyelash out of place on opening day. Could cost 'em a few points in the comprutuh...

    Outside of that, I think they just might have an outside chance.

  11. Yeah, you're probably right, but them Ducks shore do look good!! They even beat an SEC team!! And like I said, if they beat those stinkin southern californina (notice the lower case letter?)teams, I'll be happy with the season!!

  12. If anyone counts beating The Vols this year as a victory, they do not understand college footbaw. Tennessee has FIFTEEN unused scholarships.


  13. I don't know much about college football, except that every year the wrong team is in the national championship, the BCS is mocked and derided as the most corrupt and inaccurate entity since Congress, and Boise State beats everybody.

    Oh yeah, and the Heisman Trophy winner will fail in the NFL.

    Miss anything?

  14. Oh, I don't know, Andy, I thought Troy Smith did really well in the NFL.

  15. You do know that that was a different Andy, don't you, Paul?

  16. Yeah, he has a pretty picture as an avatar.

  17. You know what, Andy? I think you helped me put my finger on my animosity toward Saban. You're right -- he is that good. He has a gift. But he has no soul. As Houston Nutt has forever been banned from my favor by jumping to another SEC team, so did Saban. There's just something so dirty about doing that. Like used sheets. Ick.

    Anyway, WPS!!!

  18. No offense, Andy (I hope), but the comments are better than the post. There's not much better than watching zealots... any sort o' zealots. But SEC homers are more fun than most.

  19. Moogie: I have grace for the SaBear. He went pro...couldn't blame him...bazillions of bucks, and a chance to see if it was right for him. You can not go back once you've handed off to another dude. Trust me, I'd have liked to seen Lester fired on the spot, and St. Nick return. Then you are offered the jarb at a storied program like 'Bama...what's a guy gonna do? I'd have done the same dang thing.

    Buck: No offense taken. Seriously. And, you is correk! SEC Homers realize just how fortunate we are, and we make the most of it. With any luck, I will be able to watch The Only Sport That Really Matters this weekend, and get cotched up on just how good we are.

  20. Yeah, Andy. I understand it intellectually, but, just, ick.

    Buck -- wait til November!


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