Saturday, September 4, 2010

I just realized...

...that I do not even know if the television in the living room works.  It has not been turned on since the Saints won the Super Bowl (That was one of the two Sunday games I watched last season).

Seriously.  I ain't kidding.

Better go get 'er warmed up.  If the ol' gal won't go, there will be a flying trip to The WalMart.

This is something I really do not want to see, even though I probably will.


Now, that's more like it...

Geaux Tigers!!!


  1. I'm with ya on the Golden Girls thing. They are a gaggle of lovelies.

    Geaux Tigers (until the Saturday after Thanksgiving when the Hogs are destined to prevail!) ("Prevail" is spelled, Wooo Pig Soooiieeee!)

  2. I'm a little bummed that we Beavers don't have a compelling battle cry like "Soooiieeee!"

    Maybe I should start going around yelling "Timberrrrrrr!"

  3. My TV is just a big rectangular picture-showing-thing that hooks up to the TiVo, which replaced the TV. Anyway, it hasn't been turned OFF since January. Still, you haven't missed anything.

    Anyway, it's the First Day Of The Season and I'm stuck in Mobile (Wife is on some kind of "business trip") at the library and the McDonald's, not able to watch my Dawgs beating up on some girl's team from some Gulf state just west of the Mississippi River.

    I so envy you.

  4. Yeah Basil, I read about your predicament over at Two Dogs' joint. Sucks!

    The Dawgs really drew a toughie in week uno. Actually, ULL can throw an upset from time to time. If memory serves, they beat 'Bama in St. Nick's first season. At Tuscaloosa, I think...well, of course it would have been at Tuscaloosa.

    I'm not sure if it was 'Bama, but it was somebody they shouldn't have even been playing. Like Georgia. Cheer up, Basil! I mean, I know you lost your Goobernatorial bid and all that, and opening Saturday finds you watching TV on a telephone...or a laptop maybe. But, it's gonna get mo' better. It always do.

  5. No to the phone; I got Verizon and ain't gonna up the bill another $30/month to watch video.

    And no to the laptop. For the moment, anyway. I'm on the iPad, which is (or would be) great for picking up chicks. But not for watching Flash video.

    So, it's USA Today scores page for me.

    I so envy you.

  6. Basil, after I posted that comment, I realized that I had misread yours.

    That really does suck! You know, Sprint has a 4G network about half built. Amazing! It's only in about 20 States now, but soon to be everywhere. 10 times faster than 3G.

    Just sayin'...

    And, I forgot you were iPadding it these days. Trade-offs, I guess...chicks, or football.

  7. That's an easy choice. Flash videos suck anyway.

  8. Basil, dangit! I told you wrong. When I looked at the scoreboard thingy, for some reason I read that y'all were thrashing ULM (Monroe), not ULL (Lafayette).

    It was ULM that beat Saint Nick, and the Tide. The "Ragin' Cajuns" of ULL really suck, and could not beat their Grandmas. Excellent choice for opening day, or Homecoming.

    Man, I'm really stinkin' up the joint today. I can't get nothing straight.

  9. Those Tigers gave us a bit of a scare, no?

  10. Yeah Moogie, I'm afraid we suck. Y'all looked good, though. Hard to tell with light competition, but at least y'all don't suck.

    OU was the one that surprised me. Utah State? And Ole Miss got beat by Jacksonville State?


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