Monday, September 13, 2010

I was thinking about throwing in the towel...


(Editorial note:  I started this post Sunday afternoon, and am just now getting back to it.  I have now had two consecutive nights of blissful, hard sleep, and am feeling almost human.  7 hours of solid sleep for two nights in a row!  I mean, that's something like 49 hours in dog sleep. Twice. In a row.  Man, I'm feeling good.)

Hey y'all!  One of my best blog buddies...a guy that I really have come to love, and was actually the second blogger I ever came across is about ready to throw in the towel.  I've been thinking the same thing lately.

I guess it's probably because I've got so many plates spinning in my personal life.  But, I decided to check The Sitemeter, and now I think that I should continue on!  I mean, Andy's Place is truly "Information Central."  This here is from page one of the thousands of visitors that hit this Titanic daily. 

Trust me...each and every page of Sitemeter results looks similar to this.

As you click on the little picture to the left, you will see just how valuable Andy's Place is.  A couple of times a day  someone comes along looking for info about Sgt. Michael Burghardt, and the Single Finger Salute.  I'm is proud of that!   And, no less than a dozen folks stop by daily trying to get the words to the old "Pledge Allegiance To The Bible" that I learned back in Vacation Bible School about a million years ago.

And, there are the good folks that stop by looking for info about "Bearcats," and "Wampus Cats."  I appreciate you all...really, I do.

But, most of the folks that happen by my joint want to see pictures of Helen Thomas nude, or the old male stripper dude I posted, or that really ugly black lady that continues to draw traffic day after day after day after day after day...

So, I reckon I'd better hang in there.  I have a servant's heart that compels me to keep up the good work for the sake of mankind.
That's all.  Now,  please go read something interesting on the computer, and have yourself a great Monday!


  1. Andy, Bossier Parish couldn't operate properly without its two premier blogs. What would be left?
    Keep on Buddy!

  2. Well, duh! Towel-throwing is not an option for you, Andy. You've already deprived the world of Humpday Hotties -- how cruel could you possibly be to think of abandoning us?!?!

    Did I ever tell you that my stepson is a Wampus Cat alum? I'm still not sure what a wampus is.

    Glad you got some rest.

  3. I write my blog for me and if anyone comes by, bonus. Some people need to be noticed and others just keep writing no matter how seldom people comment. I'll be out of pocket for the next few days so don't give up hope for me. I will quit when they pry this smoking keyboard out of my cold dead hands. MUD

  4. Not you too? If you AND Barry quit, I wouldn't have ANYTHING to read in the mornings. I already feel lost when you're to busy to post. Understand the time thing, though. On a different note, how 'bout them Ducks?!?? Was a little worried playing an SEC team! Quack!! Watched the Tigers for a while during the weather hold in TN. Looked like a good game.

  5. I totally get you on this. Just take a break for a while. We'll all still be here.

  6. Yeah, towel-throwing is overrated. Sleep isn't, however. I'm glad you got your fair share this weekend.

  7. Andy, Paul has almost convinced me to keep posting. I may do a few now and then but I just keep it up the way I used to - no, not that.

    My top hit-getters are my bedbug posts.

  8. PS I meant "can't keep it up." Sheesh.

  9. I once posted about my friends, Janetta and Joy. Now people come by my blog looking for something called "Janetta Joy boobs." I don't want to know.

    Now and then, we all have thoughts of stopping our blogs.

  10. It's true, Andy - if you left now, where would we get our information about "trees with green balls?"

    Think about it. M'kay?

  11. and the recipes, man.

    Also, by coming here,
    I've learned to control my language.

    I don't say $#@%$^ half as much as I use to,
    even when that's exactly what I'm thinking.

  12. What the Mayor said, Andy.

    I periodically think about quitting too, but then "they" come back and I get afraid...

  13. Hey y'all! Thanks to you all for the encouragement. I think what bothers me the most right now is that even when I do get some time to post something, I can't seem to find the time to respond to comments.

    Blogging is in part about the conversation. The comments are like a "gift" to me. And, I feel bad when I take so long to acknowledge those gifts. I'll be throwing a post when I have something I think folks might find interesting, or entertaining.

    I just kinda' feel guilty about folks taking their time to stop by, and finding nothing new. I mean, it's not like what there IS here is all that great or anything...but, y'all know what I mean.

    Thanks again, everybody!


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