Saturday, September 4, 2010

Man, it feels good!


It seems like it's been decades since any real sports was on the tube.

I think that interminable grass fairy tournament a couple of months back just made it seem longer than it really was.

Little nip in the air this morning...humidity is low...sun is shining!  The perfect day to sit inside and watch TV, now that there is something worth looking at on.

Enoy!  I hope your team wins, unless your team is USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State, or Texas.  Other than that, best of luck to one and all.   

(Editorial note:  In the comments, Jim reminded me that I also hate North Carolina, at least temporarily, and hope they lose, too.  I'll swear, my brain is just barely limping along...even gimpier than normal.  Sigh.)



  1. "I hope your team wins, unless your team is USC, Notre Dame, Ohio State, or Texas." . . .

    Or North Carolina

  2. Oh yeah, Jimbo. Forgot about that one. Brain workin' slower than usual this morning. I know it's hard to imagine, but it's true.

  3. I'll add Penn State.

    And Tennessee Tech.

  4. I haven't kept up with UNC. What the heck happened? Yesterday I kept hearing something like 13 starters are ineligible or some such. Are they having trouble making bail or something?

  5. ...unless your team is USC, Notre Dame...

    Heh. A pox on your house, Hater.

    Today we shall cheer, cheer for Ol' Notre Dame.

  6. Heh! I threw da' Dame in there just for you, Buck. I don't really hate 'em.

    Okay, I'm lying...I really do hate 'em! Nyuk...

  7. I really do hate 'em!

    ALL Irish fans know there's no middle ground: it's either love or hate. I can live with that, mainly coz I've done so for over 30 years now.

    I think ambivalence, OTOH, is worse. L-S-Who? ;-)


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