Thursday, September 16, 2010



Just swamped, and sore.  New job keeping me very busy, my own business has picked up, trying to make some progress on remodeling the garage apartment (that's where the "sore" part happened), and I've got company from out of town that I haven't seen in 14 years.

That's it.  Thanks for stopping by, y'all!  I love all y'all!  Maybe I'll get to tell y'all more about it all this weekend.  It's all real interesting.  Well, not really.  Actually, it's kinda boring.  So, I probably won't.  

Don't bother to thank me.

Y'all have a great what's left of your week!


  1. It has to be more exciting than my life right now. A dull life is not a bad thing.

  2. Hopefully this new remodel project goes better than the overnailed tongue-n-groove thing you dealt with a while back... Thought that was kinda funny to read about.

  3. Lou, & Buck...not so much as you might think. I'd trade with y'all (either one of you) for one day. Trust me, I would.

    Inno...funny you mention that. The overnailed tongue & groove floor that I ripped out is what I'm FINALLY getting back to replacing with plywood. Plywood is really good stuff, but it is heavy to move by yourself into an upstairs apartment when you are old, and out of shape.

    At least I know those muscles still exist...they are reminding me every moment now that they are still there, and quite upset with me.

  4. It's good to *actually* get something done isn't it... sometimes I look at my hands and wonder where all the callous' have gone to, and how many blue words I'll sing earning them back. I was listening to Mark Levin today and he had the spiel on from Joe Biden where Joe's talking about the 3 most important letters being "J.O.B.S" so yeah, I guess those 3 letters are real important to have lined up like that. Being able to count is kinda handy too. So if you can count to 5, and you've got 3 kids and a Mrs. that knows how to bake and says to you "I love you" every now and then with either kisses or cake, I'd be hard to find fault with that arrangement.

    Good luck with your floor Andy... and note which axis is the axis of strength for that plywood. (it's labeled with some arrows and runs opposite the floor joists).
    marc in calgary.

  5. Andy, you're never boring. I'm not joking. You have the talent of making anything you tell about interesting and fun. So, when you get time this weekend, tell us the story about all the stuff you've been doing, your visit with the company you haven't seen in years, and the floor you're working on. Or, if something else strikes your fancy, tell about that. Whatever you decide, I'll be stopping by to read about it.

  6. I know what you mean about moving plywood (and particle board) single-handedly.

    When you're old and decrepit like me, that is.

    BE CAREFUL, dood. I always remind myself just before I lift, to DROP IT before I hurt myself.

    Nothing will cost more than your back! Not the board. Not the room. Not that antique vase.

    They can be replaced, your back can't.

  7. Dan, you are too kind, sir. But, the stories will have to wait. I just found out today that I will have to work Saturday, and Sunday...then Monday, and Tuesday.

    Sigh...but it is what it is.

    McGoo, you and I are in the same boat. I've seen your projects, and shop...which turn me green with envy. Man, when you don't do this kinda junk all the time it really throws your body for a loop.

    I will remember that DROP IT deal. Seriously.

  8. Yep. We men tend to hang on until the last moment - hoping to save a situation that is getting out of control. Like when we're lifting something that is maybe just 10% out of our comfort zone and something slips or moves funny.

    That's when you get hurt.

    If you're losing control of it - let the puppy go, man! There's always tomorrow.

  9. Wow, 14 years and they still haven't left? You have 'em chained up in the shed out back? If you haven't seen them, who is feeding them?

  10. Wow, 14 years and they still haven't left? You have 'em chained up in the shed out back? If you haven't seen them, who is feeding them?

  11. Double comment! Now thre's something that has never happened to me before!

  12. Nyuk! Hey, Seattle Andy, they are pretty self reliant folks...kinda thin now, but obviously from sturdy stock.

    The Globber has been throwing double comments off and on for a couple of weeks. I've posted more than a few like that elsewhere. But, since my comments are so stellar, they should be read twice anyway. Cough cough.

  13. What D Dan said.

    Quite a few of my comments have disappeared into the cosmos lately. Must be too profound for mere mortals.

  14. Moogie, obviously that's it. Blogger must have installed a new "intelligence filter," along with their spam dealie.


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