Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To steal a feature...

...from The Mayor.  Again.

Possibly racist...

Laqueesha dressed for the Polynesian theme party, but somehow managed to reinforce a stereotype.  I'm just figuring that coconuts wouldn't quite do the trick, so this was the fallback position.  No harm intended to the black folk, I'm sure.

BTW, this picture came from a blog buddy that I will not identify, because she is quite the Southern lady, and might not appreciate being outed.


  1. Speechless. Well, at least in a PG-13 sense. Not so, otherwise.

  2. Jimbo, I'm iz speechless, too.

    Moogie, probably ought to share your computer letters with a better class of friends. Just sayin'...

    Buck, thanks for dropping by. I haven't heard from you in a LONG, LONG time. Thanks for keeping it clean. This is a family friendly Titanic after all.

  3. Women with melons like that are becoming rare nowadays.

  4. Inno, not around these here parts!

    Dave, don't bother to thank me. I don't think I will ever eat a watermelon again without this image in my mind.

  5. I thought you might appreciate that compuiter letter. The only problem with it was that there were SOOOOOO many choices!

  6. Aw, your 'blog friend' has seen much worse considering where she lives.


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