Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Two Dogs Tutorial...


One thing I love about the web, and blogs is that I learn something new every day. Did you know that you can watch dang near every college football game of any importance right on your computer through the ESPN website?

Well, I did not.

Our good buddy Paul Mitchell posts a little "College Gameday" scoreboard linky deal to The Four Letters each Saturday.  From that scoreboard link you can access the game you are wanting to watch, should it not be available on TV in your area.  I thought about just linking to his tutorial, but I posted it here so I can refer to it easily.

Yep, I found it right over there at Paul Mitchell's blog.  Yep.  

And, this is Paul hisself 'splainin' how the deal works.

Yep, this here is Paul.  (That ain't his real first name, but it's the one he goes by.  Just sayin'...)  He's got a nice voice.  And, he was real careful not to cuss, or say any bad words and junk on this video.  I'm proud of Paul.  Heck, I don't mind cussing myself, but I know some of y'all got tender ears and junk, so I'm proud of Paul for keeping it G rated.

And, thanks again for the info, Paul.  As always, you is one edjumacatin' rascal.


  1. Andy, seriously, I thought everybody already knew that stuff. I was shocked yesterday to find out that some didn't.

    And thanks for the ELEVEN links. Dang.

  2. I didn't know. I don't hit the four letters site.

    And the 11 links were just to make sure. No thanks necessary...I'm a'thankin' you for the info.

    You do have a nice voice. That is much better than that other video where you were whisperin' like Bill Anderson or something.

  3. Hold on one second - his name ISN'T Paul?

    What next, he isn't really from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan?

  4. But you are from Saskatoon, correct?

  5. Yeppers, Saskatoon, Mississippi. How did you know?


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?