Sunday, October 17, 2010

Because somebody made an offensive comment about Jim Croce...

You obviously don't know great Jim was, and what a loss his untimely death was to music in general, and to us Southerners in specific...(Sure, he was a stinkin' Yankee from Phila stinkin' delphia, but he had southern junk in his soul.  I know.  Trust me on that one). 

I remember the night that Jim died.  His airplane crashed just outside of Natchitoches, LA.  He had just finished up a concert at the Prather Coliseum at Northwestern State University.  At the time, it was reported that his small aircraft hit that little hill outside of Natchitoches...ya' know, the one you can see from I-49.  But, the wickedpedia says that his plane slammed in to a pecan tree near the end of the runway.

Could be true.  There are some awfully big pecan trees here in NW Louisiana that are taller than most of our hills.  Trust me, I know.

Well, here's a couple of examples of his great work. This video has been "disabled" by the demonic, you'll have to click on it to see just how wrong you are.  (I mean, it takes true genius to come up with "she was built like a 'frigerator with a head."

And, right here is another example of why he is missed so much.


  1. I personally prefer 'You don't mess around with Jim' . . .

  2. Nyuk!

    I personally prefer "Speedball Tucker."

  3. Jim was a songwriter/singer deluxe!

  4. Naw... One Less Set Of Footsteps, my call.

    I had a dorm-mate give me grief for listening to JC in college. Yeah? Well Chuck U. Farley, I like it. You go listen to Flock of Seagulls or something. We'll see who holds up.

    Jim Croce was one of the first artists my Dad and I agreed on. John Stewart was another. Eventually, we came to find some common ground between the Kingston Trio and Zeppelin.

    You've been a posting machine, my friend. Sorry to hear you're under the weather. I did a bit of catching up and I hope you don't, in fact, have hepatitis. No, thanks.

    I had a variation of that as a reaction to mono, no fun. Anyway, prayers for your return to full health asap.

    I thought that Pelosi pic was hee-har-larious. "Titty babies," indeed.

    The outfit reminds me of a story: Years ago, I was going to the beach pretty regularly with a couple of friends. One of the local beauties was quite fond of an American flag themed thong-bikini. We called her "Old Glory." She wasn't old; she waspretty glorious, though.

    Anyway, one day she came walking by our little spot. We all stood up on cue, hands over hearts, and began to sing O-oh, say can you seeeee....

    Well, hell, we were young and fit, we even had hair back then... we could get away with that. We got the expected laugh and wave.

    Get well soon.

  5. Good stuff Cricket. Lots of good memories, and let's not underestimate the quality of Jim Croce's drinking songs.
    *and especially anything that can bridge that generational thing with "pops".

  6. I have to admit... it takes a certain talent to turn a phrase like "heavy Hackensack Mama" (just to prove I DID go to your link, if nothing else). Taste. It's ALL in our mouths (emphasis on the plural), innit?

  7. Lou, indeed.

    Dave, I really like some of his more serious work better. I just featured a couple of goofy ones for the heck of it.

    Cricket, good stuff indeed. Had hair, did ya'? Thanks for the chuckle! And, for the kind wishes. I know I'll eventually get better. This one has just been tough! But then again, I am a titty baby.

    Marc, thanks as always, that bridging the gap thing is often tough. Oddly, it seems that music has helped me more than anything with that...with my own Dad, and with my sons.

    Buck, I can honestly say that I had not ever run across someone that was not a fan of Jim. I just assumed that there were none. Learn something new every day...

  8. Yep -- ol' Jim was clever and a keeper.

    Now we get Fitty Cent, Li'l Wayne, and I-Can't-Make-Up-My-Mind-What-My-Name's-Gonna-Be Diddy.


  9. Ah, but Moogie! Ya left out Lady Gaga. Cutting edge. (heh)

    Andy: I place Croce in the same life raft as one Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr. ... and I'd rather swim, thank ya very much. But I know he's a fave of yours, too. As I said... taste is all in our mouths.

  10. Naw Buck, I just josh around about Deutchendork because I know you truly despise him.

    But honestly, I had not run across someone with at least an appreciation for Croce, if not a true fan like myself (and obviously the others that took time to comment).

    Denver, on the other hand...the haters are legion.

  11. "Don't Mess around with Jim" is my favorite. Talent lost, indeed.

  12. "Operator" is probably one of the most awesome songs of all time. For some reason, it touches the soul. Jim could just reach out and grab you, and his songs, whether fun or sentimental, always have that ring of truth to them.

    As for Ugly Johnny Denver...well, I don't even know what to say.

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