Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gimme a stinkin' break!!!

Just a link.  Pseudo gots the scoop on one of the most retarded things I've read in a while.  Well, maybe not one of the most, but retarded nonetheless. 

These people!  Sheesh!!!


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  2. I'm so dumb I never even noticed our street signs. Are they politically correct?
    How nuts is this?

  3. Why is it that every comment I post on your blog publishes twice? Do you have it rigged because you think so much of my opinion that you want to see it two times?

  4. Y'all have street signs in Benton?

    Who knew???

    Yes Jim, each of your comments is so stellar that they MUST be read more than once.

  5. I usually read Jim's stuff three or four times whether it is doubled-up or not.

    PS - Heavy-handed gov't has been really good to the sign industry. Nothing like having to re-sign the whole interior of a big university building 'cuz somebody whines about the signs not being up to the latest ADA spec. An 8"x8" sign with braille, raised tactile lettering, and a little slot the prof can slide his name in takes me about 15 minutes to make and sells for about $100. Ka-ching!

  6. Gub'mint is a never-ending stream o' stoopid. I'm losing my ability to be surprised at anything the gub'mint does... at ANY level..., little by little.

  7. Holy. Cow.

    We just got through replacing most of our signs after that little storm we had a few years back.

    At least this could be good for Ino's biz.

  8. Interesting Inno. I never looked at it as an economy booster.

  9. Why are the signs only in english?

    Shouldn't they be in a variety of other United Nation type languages as well? Why are the signs only in latin script? It's no wonder those middle eastern types are so lost. Why are the signs not in cyrillic? It's no wonder the russians are always angry. Why are the signs...


    marc in calgary


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