Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love this kind of junk...


Blog buddy Moogie sent me a link via (via means "by way of" just in case you don't know) computer letter.  I tried to figure out how to embed the video, but could not.

Because I'm ignurnt...

I had one of these when I was a kid, and know that many of y'all did, too.  Most of y'all that visit regularly are truly ancient relics, so I know y'all did.

Just sayin'...

So, go look at this story out of Anchorage, Alaska.  It takes 3 minutes or so, but it's pretty cool...way dang cooler than the Wienermobile deal that seems to live around these parts lately.  Them wieners will kill ya'...Just sayin'...


Here is where the story is at.


  1. Grow up on a steep street...
    Build ramp out of old plywood and 2x4s...
    Haul Radio Flyer up to the top of the hill...
    Try it again, this time sitting on big yellow Tonka truck...
    Still ouch, maybe even more so...

    That's my childhood, right there.

  2. Inno, I know from whence you came. In my neck of the woods there were not steep streets. It's pretty flat in Bossier City.

    So, it took "kid power" to make that thing fly. We had no gravity, nor topography to help us almost get killed. (I'm pretty sure that using "topography" is wrong there, but you know what I mean)

    You were one Lucky Duck. Oh wait...Lucky Beaver!

  3. Jimbo, we need to make us one of them. I've got a Chevy S10 pickup I ain't doin' nothin' with. And, I know some welders/paint & body guys/mechanics, etc.

    Only trouble is that they all live in Haughton, and it might take way too long for them to get it done between jail time.

  4. Which trailer park do they live in?

  5. The Flying S10 has to happen.
    When we were teenagers, my friend was given an old Capri with a seized up motor. The plan was to do just enough to get it running and then try to jump the pond behind his parents' place. He put a little Marvel Oil down the spark plug holes and heefed on the harmonic balancer nut with a big cheater bar. It broke loose, started and ran so good that he didn't want to try to Duke Boys it over the pond and instead sold it for $600. I've been miffed about that for about 25 years. You need to weld some sheetmetal shark fins on the S10 and jump that sucker, so I can vicariously enjoy it with ya and finally get over my Capri grief.

  6. Jimbo, I do not know the name of their "subdivision," but you go past Hilltop, and turn right there by the dump.

    You pass the second one on the left, and then start looking real close on the right...It's the blacktop road just around the curve...then it's the first one on the right.

  7. This was pretty cool. I guess it doesn't rain much in that neck of Alaska's woods.

  8. When I first saw this the first thing that I thought was, "I bet this thing is cheaper than a real Radio Flyer."

    I was right. Run down to Ace right now and see for yourself.

  9. The one in the hardware store up the road from my house in Brandon was over two hunnert dollars.

  10. Dang! I guess we should have hung on to those old ones we've got shed of over the years.

    Dang...my first car was just a little more than that.

  11. I am pretty sure an antique Radio Flyer would be worth MILLIONS.

  12. Which trailer park do they live in?

    Jimbo, I do not know the name of their "subdivision,"

    All y'all be careful now. You don't wanna needlessly piss off any of us residents of Beautiful La Hacienda Trailer Park. Coz we have a pretty good ideer where ya live.

    Moogie and I must be on the same DL. I got that link a few days ago, too.

  13. Buck, nothin' personal. It's a local joke...Haughton's finest subdivision is not as nice as the worst trailer park in New Mexico.

    I'm really just kidding, it's a fine town, full of fine people. Jimbo just happens to be a resident of Benton, and there's a long running Parish rivalry going on there...



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