Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quote of the day...

"Some people are lost in thought because it is unfamiliar territory."
 - Unknown

Lifted off The Facebook from Buckskins Rule


  1. You know, Andy, trying to ride my fame will only get you more spam!

  2. BR, you're killin' me...

    Seriously, I am doubled over laughing! Oh man...so, Andy Warhol was right, huh?

    It has been fun to follow the comments over at your place. Man, there are a bunch of blog whores. But, it's been interesting to see some that appreciate your work without asking for anything.

    Yours was my first introduction to "Blogs of Note." I'm thinking of trying out the new "Do not call" list, due to your experience.

    Like they ever would anyway...sigh...

  3. That my first inkling that "Blogs of Note" existed, too.

    The blog whores surprised me, too. After taking a peek at their blogs, I was often left wondering "what about me and my blog would lead you to believe that I am interested in what you are peddling here?"

    Oh, and the blogs that are in languages that aren't English. Ummm, if I can't read it, I'm certainly not to stop by and comment occassionally.

  4. BR, I have a post rattling around in my rapidly balding cranium as I type.

    Stay tuned.

    Would you be interested in a link exchange?

  5. I must profess to a degree of ignorance here (I'm sure this comes as no surprise, what with you being the more scholarly of the two of us), but what is a link exchange?

    And, more importantly, will it divert my spam directly to your blog? If so, where do I sign?

  6. BR: Nyuk! No, I don't think it'll throw your spam at me, or anybody else.

    A link exchange is where somebody puts you on their blog roll, and in exchange you put them on yours. I don't really have a blog roll as such. I do use that "Blog Reads" widget from Blogger that shows up in the right sidebar. I really have it there for me, but I don't have nearly all the blogs I normally read in it.

    Mostly because I forget to get around to adding them.

    But, you'll get a lot of requests for a link exchange now that you've been noticed by The Globber. I don't really understand the importance of it, but I think the number of pages your blog is linked to has something to do with your page ranking, which is important if you ever plan to try to sell stuff from your site, or post ads.

    That's about all I know. I mean, about that.

  7. I see! I have "My Blog List" on the sidebar of my place. You're number 3 on the list. It's an alphabetical thing, so don't get to0 worked up about not being #1 ;)

    I usually add a blog after I've been reading it long enough to consider it worth sharing.

    Over the last few days, I have added quite a few blogs to my dashboard, but they won't make it to the blog list until they pass they pass the test of time.


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