Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Morning Quarterback...


Okay, so we're through Week V of The Only Sport That Really Matters® , and we are publishing our first Sunday Morning Quarterback edition of the season.

I had told y'all that I was gonna be really busy, and that my heart wasn't really in it to do this highly anticipated, and broadly acclaimed feature on a weekly basis.  Lordy, the grief I took!  One of our best blog friends was all like, "Andy, you're such a titty-baby.  You're a whiny, little girl.  You're an old grandma with a purse and shawl.  You're almost as big a whiner as this guy."

But, your bad-mouthing (and you know who you are) did not change the circumstances, nor my attitude.  So there!  Nyuk...

I am not going to run down the games, because we all know what happened.  Texas got beat again...LSU got lucky again...USC got beat again (by Washington, mwa mwa mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha).  And, as I have previously mentioned, it's over!  'Bama is your BCS National Champ.  Thump!  Lord, it must suck to be Urban...or Mark Richt (jeepers, Colorado?)...

In fact, the only reason I am posting this at all, is to pose a question.  And, this is gonna be a tough one.

In all my 51 years of watching college football, I can not remember a season where there were so many crappy teams at 4-0, or 5-0.

So, which of the currently undefeated teams is the crappiest?  And, which will end the season with the worst record?  (Note, I am only listing the crappy undefeated teams, so don't be all like, "Well, Nebraska's undefeated, and 'Bama is, yada yada yada...)

1)  Kansas State

2)  Missouri

3)  Oklahoma

4)  Oklahoma State

5)  Michigan

6)  Michigan State

7)  Northwestern

8)  Ohio State

9)  Utah

10) Oregon

11) Arizona

12) LSU

13) Auburn

14) Boise State

15) Nevada

It's a simple question.  I know it will be hard to pick just one, and the truth is that there will likely be identically miserable records sported by several of these teams, so you may pick more than one.

That's it.  Oh, and one more thing...As longtime fans of Sunday Morning Quarterback know, we always end our brilliant feature with our favorite small college teams report.

The Rock is 4-1! Good on our boys!

And, Our Tribe is 4-1, too!

We iz good!


  1. OMG, when did they let Utah, Oregon, and Boise get teams? What level do those losers play in, D-IX?

  2. So, I'm putting you down for 9, 10, and 14. Check!

  3. Naw, there is no crappier team than tOSU. Sorry, that should have been a given for ya.

  4. (scratching out previous vote)...#8.


  5. If God is in a good mood and willing to answer my prayers, ##3, 5, 6, and 8 will choke violently. Along with Penn State.

    Dang -- that 'Bama is powerful.

  6. I think we know where Moogie stands. And yes, Moogie, 'Bama is overwhelming! The two basics of championships...defense, and ground game. They seem to have those covered. Completely.

    And, a qb with an arm, and smarts to boot.

  7. I'm not picking LSU for obvious reasons. Besides, Les Miles explained that last play (you know, the one before the penalty). He said "The necessity of the run that we like as opposed to just a run or an advantage in play to just a play".
    Really, he said that.
    Bless his heart.

  8. If it was Lester that said that, I'm proud of him. He's making more and more sense all the time.

  9. Don't get me started on Duh Ohio State University. The real OSU is back to .500 after nearly giving my an infarction last night... Too bad we were dumb enough to schedule two road games against top-10 teams. If we played a chumpy duck schedule against the likes of New Mexico and Portland State, we'd be 4-0 too, and in contention for this coveted "Least Deserving to Still be Undefeated Award."

  10. Okay, make a valid point. So, lemme tell ya' what I'm gonna do...

    Since I am in charge of SMQ, I shall grant a special dispensation. Due to the scheduling SNAFU by the monors, we will grant WIN status in those two aforementioned games, and include Oregon State in the list.

    Now, I know who to vote for.

  11. I gotta go with 7 & 11. Mebbe I should open a convenience store or sumpin', but I don't think either of those teams are real.

    I watched a lil bit of 'Bama last night but switched over to Oregon - Stanford... which was a much better game. I think Oregon is the Real Deal... or James is, anyhoo.

  12. Moogie, God is an OU fan. Otherwise, we would not be undefeated.

  13. Buck: For sheer competitive entertainment, there is no reason to watch 'Bama from this point forward.

    They will murder every team they play. And, unless you're in to the "cat, toying with a mouse" deal, it will be zero fun. They are giants amongst midgets, having been scarred back to reality by Moogie's Hawgz. I have a family attachment to Northwestern, and's the same family member...interesting. But, 7 & 11 both suck, and will likely end up about 6-6.

    Hey man...'Da Dame won one against the mighty Beagles, and our flyboys held on agin' the squids. Hope you got some goodness from Satidy's match-ups.

    Staci: Sorry. You can not claim the favor of God for your Boomers. Sure, y'all might not be undefeated if He wasn't somewhat on your side. But you would not be 1-3, as my beloved Tigers would, if He did not intervene continually.

    But, God does lose patience eventually, and allows us to fail for our own good. I've got a feeling that next Satidy will bring on that eventuality for my Tigers. Them lizards is gonna be mad...

  14. Ooooops! I meant that LSU would be 2-3, not 1-3. I forgot about the Vandy game for a minute. Nobody needs hep (even the divine type) to beat Vandy.

  15. Andy, you musta forgot Ole Miss needing hepp to beat Vandy.

    Yeppers, Vandy beat the Klan.

  16. I believe that He gives Esther Miles a leg up now and then just to prove He has a sense of humor. Or just to screw with Esther, maybe.

  17. TD, the Vandy/Klan game had nothing to do with real football. So, God was not watching. He leaves the debil folk to they own devices.

    Staci, the Homeaux (btw, I'm still waiting on you to send me the picture of that banner that I asked you to re-send about a year pressure...really, no pressure) really needs no hep in being screwed around with from God. There are PLENTY of us to heathen to take care of that little job.

  18. Hey man...'Da Dame won one against the mighty Beagles, and our flyboys held on agin' the squids. Hope you got some goodness from Satidy's match-ups.

    I did, indeed... except for the fact the ND game wasn't televised in my market. These heathens will be smitten for that; Touchdown Jesus is NOT the merciful sort. Even with away games.

    But... AF - Navy. Yesh! That game wasn't as close as the score would indicate; Navy only managed two field goals. Their overrated quarterback just could NOT get it together yesterday... AF shut him down time after time and intercepted him twice. The game was a thing of beauty and redemption.

  19. Buck, I'm telling you straight here...

    I've been out of the loop on much of this season. But, I saw some of the flyboy game against the Okies, and there is some REAL FOOTBALL TALENT residing in C/The Springs (whatever they call it now).

    There is lots of more important talent there, too. Just sayin'...

    Man, the globbing roots run deep in stuff like this. An Airman son, a cousin-in-law who taught at 'Da Academy at the end of his career...before being called back after 9-11, and did junk in a plane that most of us only wished we had. Yet, he remains one of the most humble humans I've ever met.

    Sheesh! I'd better shut 'er down before I start running on and on. Well, maybe not so much.

    You will note that I did not list AF in my previous post. If the Okies had not cheated, the Falcons would be 5-0. But, I would not dare to list them in there anyway. Those young men should not be subjected to standard rules of a retard blogger, such as myself.

  20. I'm sending the picture of the banner. I tried to find the one of Esther in drag, but couldn't...but you know, the less miles the better. Hehehehehehe.



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