Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Quarterback...our "Andy was right" edition...


 "Andy, you were right."

Okay, so maybe I wasn't completely right, but I was righter than I've been in a long time. So, we're taking this weekend as a win.

So, let's start with what I was wrong behind. First of all, I was wrong in thinking that this crud I've got was passing.  I swear, this stuff is kickin' my fanny.  I can't seem to get over it, and yes, I am a titty baby about it all.  However, I've decided not to let it color my mood, so let's move on along...

I was also wrong about Nebraska.  I watched some of their game against the miserable 'Horns, and they looked like a bunch of clueless little boys out there.  I swear, Tarrant County Junior College would have given Texas a stiffer fight...and I'm talking the Faculty Flag Team.  Bo, you got some work to do, boy.

And, I was also wrong in thinking that 'Bama would murder the Ole Miss Rebears.  An almost 200 yard spread in total offense should have yielded a much more impressive win than the 13 purnts that St. Nick and the boys came up with.  My hopes are building that my beloved LSU Tigers can take 'em.  

I know one thing for certain.  We can definitely take Auburn, and Arkansas.  I'll swear, as much as I looked forward to that game yesterday, it was truly disappointing.  Folks, there were over 1,000 total offensive yards in that game.  And, exactly 400 kickoff return yards.  Of course, with 40 kickoffs or so, that's not too bad, I guess.

Jeepers, neither Auburn, nor Arkansas has a defense worth warm spit.  I was reminded a few days ago on The Facebook by our buddy Jim of a quote by Corch Bryant.  "Offense sells tickets.  Defense wins championships."  We can take 'em!  Things are looking better for my Tigers all the time.  The Hawgz v. Auburn game was one where I did not call an upset.  And, I was spot on with the notion that Auburn would cheat, and the refs would help them.  They always do at Jordan Hare.

Now, as I was lying there in the throes of death last night, I needed a glimmer of hope...a little ray of healing...a sign from God, if you will.  I'll tell you, there is no better medicine than to see Ohio State get stomped!  I called a Buckeye defeat at Madison yesterday, and I can say without a doubt that it was the highlight of the season for me to this point.  I hate Ohio State...almost as much as I hate USC, or Ole Miss.  Maybe even equally so.  The badgers proved once again that the morons that vote in these polls know even less about the game than I do.  Wisconsin didn't just beat 'em.  They made 'em look bad.

While the box score on that game is one of the closest I've seen in a while, it seemed to me that Wisconsin was a full step ahead of the miserable Buckeyes the whole night...quicker, sharper.  Ohio State sucks, and it's a good Saturday when they lose.  After enjoying their defeat, I knew that I would somehow survive the ravages of this plague, or whatever it is I've got.  And, I shall!

The BSCS Standings will come out shortly.  And, it's likely that The Ducks, Broncos, Horney-Toads, and Sooners will head the list.  I can live with that for now.  At least we will not be vexed with Ohio State, or USC, or some other traditional voter favorite that only shows up because of old loyalties.  Thank you, Wisconsin.

And, before I let y'all go, we MUST make note of Mississippi State's victory @ Flarda.  I have been saying most of last season, and all of this season that MS State is no longer a pushover.  Honestly, I believe that they are the best team my Tigers have faced to this point.  I was not surprised.

I'm sure that there is much gnashing of teeth around Gainesville these days, as Florida dropped their third straight game...two of 'em at home.  Paul Mitchell posted this old video on The Facebook.  It is from the Congressional archives.  Congresswoman Corrine Brown (Dumbass-Florida) took to the flo of da House to be all congratulatory of Flarda after their "BS-BCS" Championship victory over the Sooners in January of '09.

I've got a feeling that even Congresswoman Brown might be calling for Corch Irvin Meyers' head about now.  I know for sure she wishes Tim Tivo was still under center.  

Just a final note:  The Gentlelady from Flarda is obviously against a playoff.  And, with eloquent spokespersons like her against it...well, crud...we might not stand a chance.

(Note:  Subtitles included for your convenience)


  1. 1. All Hail the Mad Hatter.
    2. On Wisconsin!
    3. Paging Tim Tebow . .

  2. Oh yeah Jimbo...I forgot you once hung out in Badgerland. Don't know if you were a fan or not in those days, but I know for sure I was one last night.

    And, it's "Tivo," not Tebow. Just sayin'...

  3. Seriously, I could watch that Brown video every day for the rest of my life and not get tired of it.

    You did notice that NONE of the playas Ms. Brown spoke of are still at Flarda? They just need somemore gutsy play from Percy Harvey again.

  4. Dude, that honestly was the funniest dang thing I've seen in months. It's mesermizin'. Percy Harvey...nyuk!

  5. Paul, none of those players are there. It has ushered in a new ear. Flarda is losing.
    Andy, I was not a Badger Fan or a Packers fan, but those folks love their teams. Like you, I was a fan last night.
    I am a fan of anyone who beats THE Ohio State University.

  6. It has ushered in a new ear.

    Bwahahahahaha! Seriously, my guts are hurting.

    That's as funny as the Klan of the Cave Bears in Oxford now.

  7. You were definitely spot on about the refs at Auburn. What little defense we had going kinda got all shriveled up and wussy after being reamed at least twice by the officials.

    I don't know about your thinking that LSU can take the Hogs or whichevers from Auburn. There are gonna be some mighty ticked off defensive coordinators at both those schools, and LSU had a tough time containing McNeese State AT death Valley. Just sayin" . . . .

    Today, I can proudly say that, for at at least a day, I am a Badger Booster!

    Florida -- the sunny state with lots of beaches, incomprehensible congressfolk, and a really indecisive Governor, but not many football players to speak of anymore.

    First 'Bama, then Nebraska. I can't wait to see who you annoint next as the likely BCS champ! It might be kinda purty to watch 'em go down in flames! :-)

    Keep taking it easy and feel better!

  8. Well Moogie, they can be as ticked off as they want...but they've got no material to work with. Auburn's D, and y'all's D just suck. Ours doe not.

    It was McNeese. That's like trying to get up for a Junior High, it was one of those "nobody get hurt" games. We shall destroy The Other Tigers, and Y'all.

    I knew Auburn would screw y'all. That's who they are, and what they do. Okay, honestly I think 'Bama is the best team in the nation...though they'll not likely get to prove it. But, of the top ranked teams right now, I've gotta say that The Sooners are the best...and improving weekly.

    But, I'm just gonna go ahead out on a limb, and say that 'Bama may squirrel their way back into the hunt. Dang SC, Dang 'em! Screwed everything up! And, Dang Texas! Dang 'em!

  9. Nothing personal, Andy, but I'm pulling for Auburn. My motivation is simple: my boss is an Auburn alumni. He can be a bit grumpy after a loss.

  10. True about the refs at Auburn. They stole a fumble interception from Arkansas and ruled it a touchdown for Auburn.
    Just a fact, it's always that way at Auburn.
    Moogie, don't get too excited. LSU has the #1 defense in the SEC and #4 in the nation.
    If Arkansas brings the same defense to the LSU game that they did to Auburn, even Jordan Jefferson could beat them.
    Just saying.

  11. You can add my name to the loooong roll of THEFrickin'OhioStateU haters. I smiled ALL evening. As for the rest... I'm relatively agnostic.

    Get better, dammit!

  12. Dave: Nothing personal taken, sir. I truly understand how difficult it might be to work for the mentally infirm. So, you might want to plan a short vacation starting Monday week.

    Jim: If Arkansas brings the same defense to the LSU game that they did to Auburn, even Jordan Jefferson could beat them. Well, I don't want to go all crazy here, Jimbo...

    Buck, I knew there was a reason I liked you. (I mean, another reason). And, thanks for your kind wishes.

    I'm tryin' to, dangit! I'm being a good little boy, and everything. It's just been so long since I was ill that maybe I've forgotten how to recover.

    Man, I am such a titty baby when I'm sick. Seriously, it only happens once every 8 or 10 years. And, it sucks!

    I saw that your Irish beat Michigan yesterday. Good on 'em! I started to make some smartass comment about it, but then again, we had no room to talk there.

  13. Andy, did you see the Irish jersey I posted on the FAILbook?

  14. Q&A time-

    1. How bad is Arkansas QB injured and are they now McScrewed?

    2. Ducks at #1? What a load of quap. How long will they be there?

    3. How many people actually like dOSU? I know exactly ONE. And he's just a bandwagon-jumper since he moved there from Arizona a few years ago.

  15. innominatus, you have to understand there are plenty more dumb people than there are smart ones, that explains why there are so many tOSU fans.

  16. TD: No, I had missed that, but went back lookin'. Nyuk! Looks just like Ross...seriously, the boy has got enough body hair to carpet a small country. I've gotta do something with that one.

    Inno: I do not know how badly Mallet is injured, but I doubt that they are McScrewed at QB. The 2nd stringer is just fine. In fact, I was quite impressed with the guy's arm, and game presence. He may have stood a chance at pulling it off, if he wasn't playing against a bunch of cheaters, and had anything resembling a defense to help him.

    As to how long the Ducks will be there? Well, it depends on how much Pac-10 love can be mustered amongst poll voters. I was already feeling ill this morning, and I heard Strik Kreikherb on ESPN say something like, "It's gonna be a lot harder for Oregon than for Boise, because they have a very challenging slate of games coming up against a very deep Pac-10."

    I had to run to the bathroom...well, crawl on hands and knees to the bathroom to deposit last night's dinner in the ceramic throne.

    There are quite a few THE Ohio Blight fans. As Paul mentioned, they are many, and they walk amongst us. To my personal shame, my #2 son succumbed to that treachery. But, thanks be to God, he is immigrating back to the US from Columbus...where we will do our best to undo the damage.

  17. Whoooooo Pig Soooiiiee!!!!

  18. Lovin' me some Dr. Jill!!

    The UofA just issued a statement confirming the concussion, noting that the sypmtoms are improving and he'll be a day-to-day evaluation.

    Hogs have Ole Miss Rebellious African American Ursas at F'ville this week. Tyler Wilson should be able to handle them if necessary. Taking 2 games off won't help Mallett's stats though.

  19. Moogie, Dr. Jill (our beloved friend, and regular contributor) has a long history with Searcy.

    Y'all will (of course) crush the Klan of the Cave Bears. Even if your third string cheerleader must come in at QB, y'all will be okay, because Ole Miss sucks.

    I saw the play where Mallett got whacked. It was a typical Auburn horse-collar, and a slam on their miserable turf (which was completely ignored by their cheatin' usual). I could not remember the back-up QB's name when I posted my last comment.

    I'm sick. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I am. So, my remembry is a couple of steps out of time. That Wilson dude has a hot arm...and plenty of sense for a kid. Y'all will be fine with him under center. I mean, until y'all play a real football team like us.

    And, what does it matter about Mallet's stats? I mean, it's not like he's actually going to win the Heisman or anything. I hope the young man gets well, and saves his brain for more important things in his future.

    Personally, I hope Ryan is back in the saddle by our meeting around Thanksgiving. I hope that he is at the top of his game, and in his best form.

    By that time we will have humiliated Auburn, squeaked out an upset against St. Nick (just dreaming there), laughed our way through ULM (another PC school that had to change their maxcot, because they were Injuns, and Injuns just can not be revered as a schoo maxcot, because that's just WRONG! Everybody knows that Injuns have low self-esteem, and do not want to be associated with losers like ULM), and we will have tinkled all over The Klan by then, too.

    I'm hoping y'all bring your A game, and a healthy squad. Of course, we know y'all will cheat at home like y'all always do, and that we must plan to win by four TD's, if we expect to win by one. But, we'll be ready.

  20. Ooops! I said, "Searcy." I think it's Beebe...but I could be wrong on that, also.

    Regardless, I loves me some Dr. Jill, too.

  21. Hey Andy, Just one word for you from this no-nothing about college football Duck fan: QUACK!!
    BTW, Inno, where are the beavs? Not number 1? Oh, that's where the Ducks are!! Should be a really good civil war this year when be beat you guys.....AGAIN!! ;-)

  22. Nope, Paul, my Beavs ain't #1. They're looking pretty so-so this year I admit. I'll even admit that the Ducks are scary good. But holding that #1 'til the end of the season is a VERY TALL ORDER. So enjoy it while you can...

  23. Inno, to be honest with you, I figured that we'd still be at 4 or 5 at this point and AL, and the Buckeyes would still be on top. I'm actually starting to get really optimistic about the whole thing! But like I tell Andy, the only games that matter are beating USC and the Beavs!! BTW, my Bro in law went to OSU and we're finally starting to let him eat at the table with the rest of us! Later......

  24. Paul does your BiL bring his own carved wood utensils when he comes to eat or does he just eat with his hands?

  25. Beavers don't carry utensils. But we've been known to gnaw a table leg into a spork when necessary.

  26. Searcy, Beebe, White County, Arkansas --- it's all good! :)GO HOGS!

  27. Inno and Paul, we don't have any good Myrtlewood dishes anymore, and he seems to favor the Oak table legs. BTW, Inno, I do have to give the Beavs credit for that cute little fish tank they have in Newport. With any luck, I'll get to visit it when I'm home next summer! Quack!!


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