Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Quarterback...our annual "Andy don't know jack" edition...

"Andy, you don't know jack about college football!"

Short and sweet.

'Bama is not invincible.  Andy don't know jack!

LSU does not suck.  The game was not nearly as close as the score might indicate.  Andy don't know jack.

The BSCS National Championship game will suck this season.  That, I'm almost certain of.

And, oh yeah,  USC (not the Gamecocks...the other one) still sucks.

Does either a Tetanus, or Hepatitis-B shot make you feel like crap?  I gotta go in to work this afternoon for a few hours, and I feel like calling in "exhausted."  But, I asked the man for a job, and he gave me one.  I feel like a big, steaming pasture punkin', but I owe it to him.  It's just a few hours.

Dangit!  I don't know jack about college football.


  1. What the bleep is a gamecock? Some kind of feral chicken you guys got runnin' around the south? Or is it more like a quail?

    If I got beat by a feral chicken, that'd be my sign that it's time to hang up the cleats.

    PS - Isn't that Spurrier's team? I'm not sure if that makes it worse, but I think it does.

  2. I don't know jack about college football.

    You ain't alone. I wouldn't trust anyone who claims to KNOW all about the game.

    I hope ya feel better later on today.

  3. Inno, it is the team headed by the old ball corch hisself.

    That makes it double worse. Man, what a butt-whuppin'.

    And oh yeah, I don't know jack about college football.

  4. Thanks, Buck. It's kinda' like I'm in a fog...a real thick, heavy one with no headlights.

  5. The USC-Alabama game was closer than the score indicates. Bama shot themselves in the foot a few times. But, USC capitalized on that. As good teams do.

    They just might run the table, and end up in the National Championship game in December. Of which, the winner gets to beat some undefeated team by 2-3 touchdowns in early January.

  6. Oh, and just in case the question was real, or if someone who doesn't know happens along, a "gamecock" is a rooster bred for cockfighting.

  7. *I* am the one who predicted last weekend on Facebook that SC would take Alabama and that LSU would win in the swamp. Think I get any love? No. Best I got was a 'Who knew pigs could fly' comment.

  8. A gamecock is indeed a rooster bred for fighting (which every animal rights group in the country deplores, but has anyone asked SC to change its mascot?!?! No!!! What kind of animal rights groups are they anyway!?!?!) And every time SC plays that stupid crow over the PA system, I just LMAO. It's just funny to me -- brings Lou Holtz to mind and puts me in a frame of mind to imagine what kind of animal call the Golden Gophers would use. Or the Dardanelle Sand Lizards. IS there a San Francisco SnailDarter team?

    Nonetheless, the chicken call seemed to be pretty effective last Saturday. How do you think Houston Nutt is feeling about this time? A little nervous?

    The Hogs are giving me heart palpitations with all the last minute pull-it-out-of-the-fire finishes.

    We will not discuss the pretend football game in Glendale, AZ, yesterday in which some people showed up in Saints uniforms who were really players for the local Catholic girls' school.

  9. Basil, I sure hope you're right, and that the SEC champ actually gets to prove our dominance. But the way things are stacking up right now, it's still a toss-up as to whether we'll get there.

    Jim, I can not believe that you got such a comment, being the sage that you are. Everybody knows that you DO KNOW JACK when it comes to the only sport that really matters. I am going to quit doubting you. Really, I am.


    Moogie, your Hawgz are just fine. Don't get the vapors or nothin'! Jeepers, for a college football fan, sometimes you act like such a girl...

    And, we all miss the Lou days.

    Houston Nutt is probably tinkling his pants right now, wondering "What was I thinking?" But, he is Houston Nutt, and is obviously the most insane human to ever corch at the big, he probably does not really think that. I imagine I was projecting sanity with my first thought there.

    Houston is mo' crazier than Lester...and that's sayin' something! I often wonder if the job drives men crazy, or attracts crazy men to it.

  10. Andy,
    This is late, 'cause the missus and I were up in TN chill'n out. I REALLY don't know jack about college football, but I just got two words for everybody......


Don't cuss nobody out, okay?