Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have a wiener!


Blog buddy, Staci, correctly identified our mystery fruit.  I had to steal The Mayor's standard prize, and award her the internet, along with full access to all it's features.

Congrats, Staci!

It is indeed a quince.  I was gonna shoot a picture of my quince, but it is not blooming, so I stole one somewhere.  My bush is just about this size, and bearing fruit.  

Seriously, I've never seen one do it.


  1. Yay! Me!

    That's a darned pretty bush. Now I want one. To remind me of my VICTORY!!

  2. Staci, get you one. I grew up with these things all over the place.

    But, be very careful mowing around them, they are very sharp.

    Heck, my Momma used to make us go cut a quince switch to take our whippings...dang, those things sting like bees on the back of your legs.

  3. Curiosity made me wikipedia this quince thing. Says they need a cold period of 7 degrees C in order to flower properly (and hence bear fruit). I betcha it doesn't often get that cold down there in LA at the right time.

    So "global warming", oops I mean "global climate change", oops I mean "whatever they're calling it today" must be at work here.

  4. I thought quince was a yankee fruit. Martha Stewart does things with them from time to time.

    Does the bush look like japonica? My grandmother had a prickly bush she called japonica but I don't remember fruit.

    Okay -- you have to give us another chance to win the crown and scepter. Living in New Orleans, I already have a mantle. And a tiara. But a tiara ain't a crown!

  5. Innno, you may be right. The quince down south here are gorgeous when they bloom in the Spring.

    But, it's likely that it's not cold at the proper time. We did have a very cold early Spring, which turned to an extremely hot Spring overnight. That could be why I've never seen the fruit.

    Moogie, I have seen Japonica. So, I went and Goobled. There is one japonica that resembles the bloom of a quince, but the image search shows about a zillion different kinds.

    The place I grew up on here in NW Louisiana had about 8 big quince bushes, and they all looked like the one in that picture...spiky (and kinda toxic) limbs, and reddish blooms.

    And, seein' it's you axing, I will try to come up with another quiz so you can win sumpin'. I will try to come up with something that an Arkie/Crescent City Dweller might know that an Okie like Staci will not...kinda tip the scales in wannabe Queen Moogie's favor, if you know what I mean.

  6. The tipping of scales is a time-honored tradition in the Big Easy.


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