Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So, what ELSE is growing at Andy's Place?

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

Once again, I'm gonna show y'all some pictures of the pretty junk The Mrs. has planted around Andy's Place over the years.  (I got me some Double-As for my computer camera.)

I just love me some Springtime!

Our coveted "Purple Iris" has started popping.  They bloom later than the yeller, and the blue.

Aint they glorious?  Just look at the handiwork of God...

Just one more picture.  This here is a relatively new variety of Rosebush.  It's called a "Knockout!"

Okay, that's it.  Gotta get ready for work, so I'll catch up with y'all tonight, or tomorrow probably.


  1. Very beautiful. Mrs. Andy has done a great job.

  2. Your purple irises are gorgeous! They take me back to my grandmother's house. I can smell them from here. Tell Pam thanks for all her hard work!

  3. Will do, Moogie! Got a really cool one coming up that just bloomed today.

    Thanks Deb & Buck. It's easy to take beautiful pictures around here in April.

  4. Andy son, don't you know you are violatin' a law by having them TN state flowers (the purple iris) growing in Louiseeana?

    I'm just jealous. Those are some beautiful purple iris. And those Knockouts. Stunning. Ours are just about to burst out of their buds.

  5. Here my irises are just beginning to show foliage!


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