Saturday, June 4, 2011

Nyuk! I've had a blast with this at the hospital...


Hey y'all.  Nyuk...

As most of y'all know, last Fall I took a job working in Security at a local hospital.  And, if you've been visiting for long, you know that I LOVE MY JOB!  Seriously, I look forward to going to work, and often wish I had known about this kind of work ages ago.  Anyway...

A couple of weeks ago, our good friend, and regular contributor Dr. Jill, and her husband were visiting from Tennessee to see their daughter graduate from LSU-S.  Since they were in town, we all decided to get together and eat dinner.  We went to a great Cajun restaurant, Ralph & Kacoo's.

They had swung by the house and picked us up in their car, and we had a great visit.  They're great folks.

Well, a couple of days ago I got a very nice note in the mail (snail mail), saying what a good time they'd had, yada yada yada.  And, Dr. Jill said, "but Andy, you left your drivers license in the back seat of our car."

And, enclosed in the card was this...

I laughed myself silly, and you oughta hear the belly laughs when I show it to co-workers...



  1. I always like visiting "Just Barney's Place".....

  2. Andy, stop nipping at the cleansing's fun, but they need that for the patients... ;-)

  3. Haha! She sent me one too! But it was Reba, not Barney.

  4. Staci, I just may start a blog called "Just Barney's Place." Seriously. It may have already been done, but Imma look in to it.

    Deb, and Buck, yep!

    Jim, that me! Ol' Norman Einstein (catch that one and wins you a prize).

    Skunks, shhhhhhhh. Don't tell nobody.

    Jana, shame on Jill. I mean, that's just wrong. I am a Barney look-alike, but you are MUCH prettier than Reba. Much.


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