Friday, February 3, 2012

I once visited The Grand Canyon.


Stunning place it is!  Truly takes your breath away!

If you've never stood on the rim and viewed it with your own two eyes, no photo, or written description can really 'splain the magnificence of it.

It was in April of 1981 that we headed out West, hooked up with some great friends living in ABQ, and took a "road trip" to remember.

Dean (#1 Son) was 7 months old.  Let me give you young parents a tip...don't take a 7 month old on a long trip if you can help it.



But, we did.  And, we lived to tell the story.



For those of y'all that do not believe that I was once a massive tub o' lard, married to a hot, sexy chick...

Nyuk!  And, that was before I got REALLY fat!!! 

(Yep!  That really is me at age 21).

Oh, yeah!  The sexy chick at The Grand Canyon!

Yeah...I've been going through years of files, digital photos, and scanned photos trying to clean out all the old junk that I really don't want to keep.  

I think I'll hang on to these...

(BTW...50 extra blog points to the first person that can name which sports team I WAS a fan of back in them days.  There's a clue in the pitchers).


  1. Cowboys!!!

    And dude, you weren't that dang fat.

  2. TD, I shall immediately deposit 50 blog points in your ever-swelling account.

    Paul, you have NO IDEA. That is the most flattering pitcher of me from those days. I think I was in 38's with a massive overhang.

    It got worse. I finally got serious when 42s made me gasp for oxygen.

    I still don't know what she saw in me...

  3. I understand. I had to pack on the pounds when my kid's mother was with child. I think that I got up to 220 or so, but never did I break the 40 inch waist, thankfully.

  4. Yep! 210 was where I topped out at age 28. But, I think I am shorter than you, and am sure I had less muscle mass.

    Thus the 42s.

  5. Ah the newly married weight gain and sympathy pounds while the wife is pregnant - it happens. But your wife is one cute chick.

  6. Indeed it does, and indeed she is, Lou. Indeed...

  7. My waistline started rapidly expanding when I quit smoking thirteen years ago. And developed an addiction to ice cream and chocolate chip cookies.

  8. Your better half is a beautiful lady.
    BTW~Where's the pic's of you at 220?

  9. That's a good looking family there. And you weren't really fat; at your age, I'd call that baby fat.

    You are so right about the Grand Canyon. Pictures don't really capture its awesomeness.

    Didn't they call those TX boys America's Team back then? Or was that later?

  10. Oh, I dunno... TSMP and I took our one-year-old to Key West on vaykay. That worked out well from the kid perspective and there's not much difference in ages there. BIG difference in the respective fathers' ages, though... seein' as how I was 52 then.

    You WERE a lil pudgy then, weren't ya? But I see it more in yer face than yer jeans.

    Mrs. Andy is what we used to call a Stone Cold FOX. Mebbe some of us still do. ;-)

  11. Oh, Andy. Tell me it wasn't the Cowboys! I'm so glad you've come to your senses. Of course, 1981 was in the Tom Landry, pre-Jerry days.

    Yes! Those are definitely keepers!

  12. Buck, YEP! Some of us still do.

    Dan, you can call it "baby fat," and you'd probably be right. I gained about 20 pounds every time Pam had a baby.

    Stopsign...I broke every camera when it tried to capture me at my heaviest. Sorry...

  13. Oh, Moogie! Indeed it was Tom's 'Boys. I once lived and died with 'em.

    That was then. This is now.

    Your Arkie cousin Jerry screwed that pooch for me.

  14. My Soon-to-Be Better-Two-Thirds and I took a pre-emptive honeymoon to the Grand Canyon in July of '80. (I was in the service at the time and couldn't have the time off AFTER the wedding so we took it before.)

    You are absolutely correct that it is a stunning view. It was precisely the second thing I'd ever walked up to the top of and, upon peering over the edge, found it difficult to breathe. The first was the Berlin Wall. Needless to say the feeling, other than breathlessness, was radically different between the two.

    Best wishes. Got here from Bob's Blog via Flares Into Darkness.

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