Monday, March 26, 2012

I just got one kwerschun for y'all!


Okay...Major League Baseball has fired up.  March Madness is up and running.  The NHL is playing nightly.  The NBA finally got enough thugs out on parole to finally make them a season of hardcourt thuggery.

The PGA is in full swing, and proving once again that their pro version of the game is still A Good Walk Spoiled.

I think they're running track, and the grass fairies are at it, too!

So, my kwerschun is...

When is September gonna be this year?

Well...the good thing is that there's plenty of grass mowing, and flower & vegetable plantin', and garden harvesting to get did before The Only Sport That Really Matters® comes back around. That just might keep me distracted enough.

Probably not...


  1. I dunno for sure, but I AM sure it's not as soon as I want it to be. 

  2. Dang right, kiddo! Dang right...

  3. I agree with most of your statements Andy but enjoy watching golf so I can root against Tiger. The most important sport though is played in the fall.

  4. Andy football is dandy, but I've always enjoyed baseball a little bit better. That preference could have been influenced a little by the fact that my hometown college team is Vandy. Heh.

    On a follow up note to your pollen post the other day, I was reading the City Paper in the doc's office yesterday and saw an article about local pollen conditions this year. Seems that an extremely high pollen count on the scale they use for measure is a count of 25. One day last week, before the rain, the pollen count for Davidson county (Nashville) was 392. You read that right. 392. No wonder I had that small hackberry tree growing out of my right nostril when I woke up that morning.

  5. I have it on pretty good authority that September will happen sometime immediately after midnight on 8/31 this year. But it might could be different in Loosy-anna; all y'all ARE a lil bit "off."

    But, hey. I feel terribly bad for those who can't/won't appreciate this, the finest of all seasons. I mean... Spring flowers, warm weather, and THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS!

  6. Dan, I always walk on thin ice when I disrespect other minor/worthless/not worth looking at sports. But, I'll agree with Kartman...Good one! It would be REALLY, REALLY hard to love The Only Sport That Really Matters as #1 as a Commode fan.

    Buck, NOW THAT'S WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR...A DIRECT ANSWER! Y'all are a sharp bunch, and I can always count on one of y'all for pertinent & helpful info.

    Crud...I gotta wait 'til after August...crud...

    1. ...I can always count on one of y'all for pertinent & helpful info.

      I've done MY part. All YOU have to do now is pick up the gauntlet and watch a few hockey games, now bein' the best time to begin. You might see the error of your ways, if'n ya did.

      But then again, prolly not. Geezers are known to be set in their ways, however misguided they might be. DAMHIK.


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