Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I just laugh like a retard when I can get Tucker so ticked off that he cries so hard that snot runs out his nose!

Success!  I did it...

Eureka, and junk!

If anybody wonders WHAT stepped on The Mrs.' last nerve today...well...

Tickles the fool out of me, though!  I just love screwin' with animals & small chirrens...

Dangit, Andy!  Remember to turn the phancy iPhone sideways when you're shooting a movie!!! 

Okay, my work here is did.


  1. Poor Tucker, it has to be hard having you for an uncle!

  2. It's even harder having me for myself.

    I'm the best uncle in the world!

    The best "Great Uncle?" Well...

  3. You better watch out or Mrs. Andy's gonna whop you upside yer head so hard that Tucker will look like a warm-up act.

    Just sayin'.


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