Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Monday. GET UP, YA' LAZY SCHLUB!!!


Stolden off Pseudo.


  1. We had a rat terrier that would sing with us - always good for a laugh and cheap entertainment.

  2. I think we're lookin' at the next American Idol. This guy is a real hound dog. I know, I know, he's pitchy in spots, but he's got presence, star quality. You can sense the emotion in every note he wails. And I hear he comes from a broken home and once lived on the streets. What a story. If Taylor Hicks can pull it off, this dog's a shoo in.

  3. That sounds EGG-ZACTLY like me when my phone rang at 1015 hrs this mornin' and woke me outta a dead sleep. Egg-zactly. Same accompaniment, too.

  4. I posted this on Facebook yesterday -- that is one talented pooch! Reminds me of our Wendy. She couldn't play, but she could definitely carry a tune!


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