Friday, March 30, 2012

Struck out at the diamond mine!

But, we found a really nice place to stay the night right here in Murfreesboro. The Queen Of Diamonds Inn.

Having' a good time, wish y'all was here!


  1. The hotel owners have fenced the lot in order to keep it clean and the locals out? good idea.

    Is this the type of hotel that asks to see your marriage license, just in case you're up to something?

    It looks like a nice place, I prefer these types to the 900 room places, in spite of those dusty rose doors.

  2. No Marc, but they did make us show a drivers license.

    Pretty intrusive if you ask Al Sharpton!

  3. Daughters and I stayed there a hundred years ago when the LR teachers were on strike. My late friend, JB, joined us with her girls. We just decided to domourvown educational field trip -- it was fun, but no diamonds.

  4. Nice lodge and I like the name.


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