Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vacating Andy's Place...


Yep, I'm iz!  

At 1430 HRS this very day, I began what will be my first "vacation" as an employee of my employer.  Can you believe it?  It's hard to believe that I've already worked long enough to earn two weeks of "vacation" time.

Time flies when you're having fun...and, man, am I ever!  I love my job.  I wish I'd have been at this since I was a young man.  But, you can't un-ring a bell, so I'm glad I caught on to this work to enjoy it real good, before I croaked! 

Actually, I've worked much longer than required to take "vacation," but I'm just now doing it.  I ain't taking the whole two weeks right now.  I'm only taking a week now, and I'll figure out what to do with the other one at a later time.  But, that's still 9 days straight off (including my regular two days off on each side of the five vacation days), and I guess I really could use one.  And, I know The Mrs. can, too.

So, The Mrs., and I are/am/whichever hitting the bricks on Friday a.m.  I'm not really exactly sure where we're going, but it's gonna be somewhere that's not here.  Actually, I know our ultimate destination will be the old fambly farm near Ozark, stinkin' Arkansas.  We plan to get there on Sunday, and spend the day with her brother.  But...what we will do between now and then is anybody's guess.  We're just "going."  No nothing, except us, some well earned spare time, and The Black Beauty.

I always get a little bit nervous when I head north to stinkin' Arkansas.  But, I'll make The Mrs. wear some short shorts and a halter top to charm the border guards at the State line, so they'll let us in without checking our trunk, and confiscating our toothpaste & deodorant. 

That's what we usually do.

I plan to get back home on Monday before #4 son gets in from school, and then start the "working part" of my vacation.  I place looks like crap, and I've been putting off getting it back in shape for a couple of years now.  Imma get it did!  I'm iz!

So...I might be out of pocket a good bit.  I'm hoping to be able to blog from the road.  I'm taking my netbook, my pHancy new iPhone, and charged up batteries.  But, communications are a bit spotty in The Natural State.  The latest gubmit statistics show that they're still working on stringing wires for land lines in 72.4% of The State.  So, I'm not sure how good my junk is gonna work in a foreign country.  Good thing is that they are on 120 volts need to take my transformer like in years past.

Well, I'll get back with y'all as soon as I can get a hook-up, and show y'all what we're up to.  I love y'all!  I hope y'all have a good vacation.  Oh wait...that's ME that's having the vacation.  Well, wish us luck! 


  1. Hope you enjoy your time off.

  2. Y'all drive safe and have fun. I'm off a kinda-sorta vay-kay, too. Is this yet another instance of "great minds?"

  3. Hope you and Mrs. Andy have a great time! Make sure your passports are in order before you leave!

  4. Andy, enjoy your vacation time (even if it is in Arkansas), you've earned it. This could be a chance to use V-logs to keep us up to date on road kill and other excitin' things that happen to you in the Natural state. Oh yes, if you go by Hope, see if they've finished that cigar shaped statue there to honor Prez Bill. If they've finished it, take a pitcher!

  5. Buck, great minds, indeed...have fun.

    Jimbo, thanks. Got mine renewed a while back. The Mrs. don't have one, so she'll have to charm her way back in to America.

    Dan, I'm actually going through Hope. I'll look for the statue. I might even take y'all a pitcher of the "Welcome to Hope, home of President Bill Clinton" sign with all the bullet holes in it. I always chuckle when I see that thing.

  6. Have fun on your vacation, take lots of pictures, and eat lots of interesting foods.

  7. Ozark, huh? Not too far from my current neck of the woods.

    I love the kind of vacations where there are few constraints on time and finances, and plenty of room for spontaneous action and exploration.


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