Sunday, April 1, 2012

Been on the old fambly farm all day...

I swear, BIL gots his hands full!

Back in Ozark at The Oxford Inn. Gonna clean up and grab some chow.

The one on the foreground is named
Andy. The one in back is named
Andy. Yep, he named all his turkeys Andy.

I'll do y'all a big monster post when I get back home about the whole trip.

I'm sure y'all can't barely wait!


  1. Nice turkey's....Thanksgiving on the hoof!

  2. I always knew you were a turkey!

  3. Looks like yer vay-kay is goin' nicely! I'm lovin' the pics.

  4. Andy, your post has cleared up one of the great philosophical mysteries of all time: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Clearly, from your post, the egg came first. Lots of 'em too. And then we learn the chicken didn't even come next. It was the turkey in 2nd place and then the chicken. Dang.

    And ditto what Buck said about the vacation and the pics.

  5. Were ALL of the animals and poultry pictured named 'Andy'?

  6. Nyuk...

    Pretty well, Skunks, Jim, and Scooney!

    Dan, put no stock in anything being cleared up. I was posting from my iPhone using the Blogger app. If you put more than one picture in a post, The Globber Application dealie decides for you where it will be. So, the mystery is still unsloved. Sigh...

    Buck, thank ya' sir! Back home with about a gozillion deals to get did. Sigh...


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