Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Report from the 3rd annual Nerd Convention in Boston...


PAX East was held Easter Weekend in Boston.  This article tries to kinda explain it.

As y'all know, my #2 son is a HUGE video game buff.  And most especially the old stuff.

Two years ago, he traveled from Columbus stinkin' Ohio (where he was living at the time) to Boston for the first PAX East Nerd Convention.  In the competition, he got screwed from being the bestest, biggest Nerd by a power outage.  He was miles ahead in the final showdown when the power failed.

After power was restored, he and his partner had lost their mojo, and the other pair came back strong in the replay (it had to be replayed...there is no way to recreate the play of a video game...he was almost through Super Mario, and the other guys were still back on Frogger when the lights went out in Beantown).

Last year at the Nerd Convention, #2 son again lost in the finals.  No excuses...just came up against a bigger Nerd.

So...how did #2 son fare this Easter Weekend in Boston?

He lost in the second round!

Age is catching up with him.  

The young punks gots the dextrous skilz & stamina that those old guys nearing 30 are losing.

It wasn't too tough a pill to swallow for him, though.  He's working full-time, and trying to finish college after being out for several years.  So, he understands that the youngsters have a lot more time to sharpen & "train."


  1. Good for your #2 son for going back to school. Sorry that he is not the bestest nerd but he is still pretty nerdy to do as well as he has in the past.

  2. Kartman...nyuk! Yes, I'm very proud of him for going back to college. He's workin' like a Turk, and doing well at LSUS.

    He is a wonderful man. Really, he is. He is so dang funny, and odd, and lovable (we "marked" him, by naming him after my most beloved Uncle Ross...seriously, they are almost mirror images separated by 6 decades). Sharp as a tack, sweet, odd...! I'm glad he has finally figured out the path he wants to take.

    I'll REALLY be glad when I do...

  3. Nerds are okay in my book. I've always called my son, a cowboy nerd.

  4. Wait. I thought old age and treachery triumphed over youth and whatevah every time. Was I lied to?

  5. The Nerds are the last best hope for our country. Good on your #2 son for his path choice and for his college choice. Does the LSUS have a big campus there in Shreveport?

  6. Dan, I wouldn't call it a big campus. But, it has expanded over the almost 40 years it has been here.

    The word is that LSU Shreveport is superior to the learnin' in Baton Rouge in many course offerings...not all, but many. A degree from LSUS is highly repsected (as respect for degrees go these days). I'm just glad that the young man has a focus now. He is the most wonderful of humans...just like his Great Great Uncle Ross was.

    I'm glad we marked him.


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