Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tales from the road on my vacation (#1) I was "surrounded!"


Hey y'all!  As y'all know, The Mrs. & I took a "road trip" for the first three + days of my 9 day vacation to the nation of Arkansas.  It was fun.  

I have now been through the first day of the "working" part of my vacation, and it's been fun, too!  For the first time in a couple of years, my garage is clean and organized.  We also got Sadie's room cleaned out.  The double garage (with apartment above) has a room that runs the width of the garbage garage, and that's where Sadie hangs out (unless they're popping fireworks, or there's bad weather...which it looks like it's coming tonight...so she'll likely end up on a towel in my bedroom after nearly banging the back door off its' hinges...but that's not pertinent to this post). 

Anyway, for the first time in what seems like forever, my garage is clean and orderly...we got about 1/2 caught up on orders for our own biz, and I got the big 50' x 14' shop in the back yard halfway cleaned and organized.  (I'll get to the other 1/2 tomorrow.  Maybe).

I'm iz tired, so I decided to make y'all a V-log about some of the enjoyable first 1/3 part of my 9 day vacation.

Don't bother to thank me.

These here are the pitchers of Buddy's Ranch House Cafe...

This here is Buddy's!

This here is Razorback & Rattler seat cushions, and other junk.

This here is a Hawg flag dealie...Somebody from the Nation of California defaced it by writing the letters Go USC!

They suck, and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Just sayin'...

Not only do they love the Hawgz...they loves them some Rattlers, too!

You just gotta love it!  Small town pride is priceless!

Truly, it is.  

I guess hometown pride, and love crosses all national boundaries.


  1. Hey... have the folks from the Michelin Guide seen this? You MIGHT have a career as an incognito restaurant reviewer. They don't do much in America, but this might could be a BIG opportunity for ya... you could OWN the whole of the South!

  2. Forgot: batten down the hatches and stay safe, OK?

  3. Moogie...I was surrounded.


    I almost gave in, and ate slop off the floor of Buddy's Hawg Sty.

    But, fortunately the food they served on plates (yep...they gots plates now in Arkansas) was VERY good. I mean, VERY GOOD.

    Heck, I forgot to mention that the $4.99 "Fish Special" included cobbler as a dessert. Pam and I were so full we didn't even want any. But, the young Arkie chick insisted (because it is part of the "Special").

    How could we turn her down?

    So, she loaded up TWO HUMONGOUS STYROFOAM BOXES OF APPLE & PEACH COBBLER, and made us take it back to The Queen of Diamonds Inn across the street, where we were staying the night.

    Made a dang good breakfast on Saturday morning!

    Sweet young gal. Really, she was...If she gets lucky, some handsome devil will come sweep her off her feet, and bring her to America, where she will live happily ever after.


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