Thursday, April 12, 2012

This is cruel...


But, there is so much packed in to this one .gif that it MUST be viewed.

LSUfreek is back.



  1. Are there overt or subliminal messages in that gif I should be receiving? Coz I don't geddit.

    1. Corch Petrino (formerly) of Arkansas has been a bad, bad boy.

    2. That must be a Supremely Egotistical Conference thang. Coz the REST of us in these Newnited States are clue-free (present company excepted). Thankfully.

    3. Indeed it is a Championship Conference deal, Buck!

      But, it is the BIG story in college football at present. Hawg corch Petrino has a bad momocycle accident...he's screwing a girl young enough to be his daughter, who he hired in a high profile position (pun intended, even though it was a bad one), lied to the AD about the whole mess, and got canned.

      LSUfreek is a .gifmaster! He even threw in Bubba Clinton with the thumbs up, and the hot blonde chick dropping off before the faceplant!

      He's a friggin' .gif genius. His work is legend.

      But, I'm not blaming you for being out of the loop. I know you're occupied with those prize fighters on ice right now.

  2. Andy, somehow I knew you'd be commenting on the Petrino story but this video is the absolute best. I'm still laughing. I think that young thing was hired over 158 applicants. Must have had special skills!

  3. Dan...

    "Special skills."


    Ive looked at the pitchers of the chick. I'm pretty sure that the other 158 applicants sucked. I mean, they were applying for a job as a Hawg.

    She is a very attractive young lady, and that's impossible to deny. But, I don't think I'd want to end up in a neck brace, or out of a job over her...

    But then again, I ain't Petrino...somebody stupid enough for even Arkansas to hire. (Think Houston Nutt!)

  4. Yeah, Bobby Petrino really got blindsided by the karma train, didn't he?

  5. Dave, indeed he did. I said it was "cruel," because I guess we've all been hit by the karma train at one time or the other.

    But the .gif was so well done, it HAD TO BE POSTED.

  6. *sigh*

    First Two Dogs, now you. What is a girl to do!

  7. Aw Moogie! Now, you're making me feel bad...


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