Saturday, April 7, 2012

Vacation over...


Back to work for a 12 hour shift.

And, on my 33rd Wedding Anniversary, too!

I love my job!

I love my wife!

I love my life!

Y'all have a good Easter.  I'll catch ya' next week!



  1. You need to change the order of the above list or you might find yourself in the doghouse on your anniversary.

  2. Heh! Lou, she knows I love her more than my job.

    At least I think she does...

  3. Happy Anniversary! 33 years? Bless Mrs. Andy's heart.

  4. Ain't that the God's honest truth!

  5. Happy anniversary! You caught us! (but we!! Take the lead back in June when we hit 34!)

    And, have a blessed Easter!

  6. Happy Anniversary.

  7. Moogie, Kartman...

    Thanks! It was a good day. Didn't do much celebrating, but we got that out of the way ahead of time.

    Yeah, Moogie...I knew you were just ahead of me. I seen the pitchers, and read the stories.

    Y'all have a blessed day.

  8. Andy, to you and the Mrs. (even though you've got to work), have a Happy Anniversary and Happy Easter.

  9. Happy (belated) Anniversary! 33 years is quite an accomplishment... I wish I could stake the same claim.

    Happy Work Day, too!

  10. 33 years is wonderful. Congratulations! But 12 hours is too dang long! Hey, I have a question fer ya: What do you think of George Will's recommendation that Romney consider naming Bobby Jindal as his running mate?

  11. Thanks to all y'all for the anniversary congrats! It's really hard to believe it's been ONLY 33 years. Seems longer...

    Bob, to answer your question about Goober Jindal as would tickle me pink. Anything that would get Bobby out of Louisiana would be just aces up in my book. The guy is a fake conservative.

    Don't get me wrong. He's a genius...a walking computer...and I think a very good family man. I was a HUGE Bobby Jindal fan when he ran for Goober the first time (and lost), and when he ran again (and won). Truth is, my vote for Bobby Jindal for Governor is without a doubt the most disappointing vote I've ever cast.

    The guy speaks out of all 3 sides of his mouth. I'd rather see Ryan get the nod (if Mitt intends to listen to him) than Bobby. But, I really don't think Bobby's angling for the VP deal. It's a long story, and complex, but I think Bobby is probably hoping for a cabinet post at Health and Human Services. Health care/Medicare/Medicaid/etc. is really is wheelhouse.

    Of course, he'd LOVE to be VP, knowing that Veeps often get the top spot later on (Biden won't, and Cheney didn't want it), and he's a young guy with ambition out the maybe he is.


    But, the national media would start digging here in Louisiana, and would uncover so many of us TRUE conservatives that know Bobby to be a faker! I fear it would turn off what little "conservative base" that Mitt is going to be able to energize. I'd go with Ryan, or Rubio...

    1. Andy,
      I appreciate your taking the time to reply, but you did not give any specifics about why you think he is a fake conservative.

  12. I totally agree Andy. Bobby is not what we need. I like Rubio best and Ryan next.

  13. Bob, I didn't have the time. I'll try to get some links from some Louisiana bloggers, and e-mail 'em to you.

    Kartman is a Louisianian, too. A conservative one, and I'm glad to know he feels the same way I do about Bobby.


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