Saturday, August 4, 2012

About 3 miles from Andy's Place...


...this is the scene.

This is The White House.  

If you'll look close you'll notice that the bus, and Poleese car in the bottom left have already been 'sploded.


They're making another film here in Bossier City.  They make tons of 'em here now in the Shreveport/Bossier City area.  Really...there are a bunch of films made all over Louisiana now.  The industry publications refer to Louisiana as "Hollywood South."

There are a lot of reasons for it.  The weather is almost always good for filming...there is an eager "extra" community...a hard-working labor force (for the most part)...Community Colleges, and Technical Schools that have armed the work force with skills valuable to the film industry...we have the best restaurants in the world...easy access for equipment by freeways...and an endless supply of beautiful, and interesting locales (and beautiful chicks as extras...just sayin'...).

Plus, the State Legislature passed some VERY attractive tax incentives for filmmakers several years ago that attracted a lot of attention.  Imagine that...give people tax breaks to do something, and they do it...novel idea.  A bunch of producers "came on down," and liked what they saw.

Anyway, somebody at work told me that they had built The White House down by The CenturyLink Center.  That's a big arena built by the City several years ago...they have rodeos, big-time concerts, conferences, gradjurashuns, and even The Mud Bugs Hockey matches.  A lot of people thought it was a bad idea to build it, but I think it's been great for the City.  Heck, we've had Fleetwood Mac, Elton John (the most talented queer in history), George Strait, and a hundred other great concerts there...


I decided I'd run on down The Arthur Ray Teague Parkway that runs along The Red River (btw, I grew up next door to Mr. Teague, and he was a fine man, who was always so happy to have little kids around.  I won't get started on all my memories of Mr. Teague, because y'all don't care, and my fingers are getting wore out because I'm out of "blogging shape"), to look at it for myself this morning.

It's interesting.  The same friend that told me about the movie set told me that they understand that in the film, The White House is going to be blown up.  Don't quote me on that, because I'm not sure.  But...I'm pretty sure that the plywood shack behind the front door could hold enough dynamite to make a helluva 'splosion...

Will I go look at the film in the theater?

Probably not.  I'm not a big movie guy.

I'll wait until it comes out on The Netflix...


  1. Your blog has given me a great idea. I have uninvited guest coming next week for a visit. I think that I will go down and take a pic. in front of the "white house" and tell them that I am sorry but I am in D. C. That way they will cancel their trip.

    1. Heh! Bill, I understand my brother...I understand!!!

      But (and don't take this wrongly), you're a bit older than I am. I am pretty sure that when you were a youngun' in school, you learnt the word "NO," and what it means.

      Hard to utter in certain situations. I know...

      Dude...spend the money and get them a motel Haughton.

  2. If I really had guest coming I could certainly say no. Being the curmudgeon that I am it would not bother me one bit. Also, I am a bit older than everyone on Facebook as far as I can tell except for one local blogger whom I will not name. Just slightly older than him.

  3.'s not as very cool as it looks.

    Just sayin'...

    Kartman, nobody is as old as Jim. I think he dug the first shovel to build the earth.

  4. Are you saying that if there was in fact a big bang that he witnessed it.

  5. Bill, I'm just saying that if in fact there was a big bang, he probably caused it.

  6. I love my friends. And about that movie, I know who spent a morning with Gerard Butler out at the range teaching him how to handle those weapons he'll be shooting in the movie. I'll email you a picture Andy.
    Kartman, hope you have a good weekend, take your geritol and try to get some rest.

  7. By the way, today is the President's birthday. In honor, everyone should eat a pineapple. Or some roasted goat, depending on where you think he was born.

  8. Jimbo, It's nice to be loved. And, I have a pretty good idear WHO taught whaz-his-name to handle weapons he'll be shooting in a fake movie.

    Looking forward to the pitchers...

    I ate Okra in honor of The President's birfday...

    It's African, ya' know :)...

  9. In re: Loosy-Anna bein' Hollywood South: We're Numbah Five! We're Numbah FIVE! (note who's #3) (and screw #1) (twice)

    I'll let that "best restaurants" thing slide, coz taste is all in our mouths. All y'all DO have some fine, fine cookin' with signature dishes that just ain't done nowhere else.

    1. Heh! NM is a great place for filming. I know it to be true. Lots of movies need dry, dusty, wretched landscape for effect.

      Just is a diverse place in many ways.

      BTW, I'm a fan of NM food, too, even though I'm partial to our signature dishes. Thanks for chiming in.

      BTW: Screw #4, too!

  10. Yeah --Hollywood South. They've been blowing things up and fouling traffic all summer in New Orleans.


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